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Thread: Finished the cruise ship but can't get Luana?

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    Just a note regarding 'Luana the hula dancer' she'll show in your inventory, it looks like on average she turns up once a day as I have not seen her anymore times myself. Have only seen her drop a lot of coins so far but hoping she gifts other things too. Good luck guys, that Cruise ship quest was darn tough! 😉

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    Players who experienced the issue in which they completed the event, but were unable to collect Luana due to the issue should now have Luana unlocked! For players currently on the event, the refresh timer should prevent players from experiencing this problem for now.

    We'll share the feedback regarding Luana's visits and drops with the team for discussion. Thanks all. ^^

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    Thank you for fixing this for me. I've seen Luana twice today. The first time I got 2000 coins, and the second time I got 1 gem.

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