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Thread: Bakery Update: April 15th 2015

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    I have neighbors who are at much lower levels, who started playing the game recently, building these appliances, but mine are still locked. I usually respond to part requests quickly, but I am considering not sending parts to these appliances until everyone has equal access.

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    so…you're punishing your presumably nice neighbors for Storm8's error? glad you're not my neighbor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by twospoons View Post
    so…you're punishing your presumably nice neighbors for Storm8's error? glad you're not my neighbor!

    Haha we should take care which neighbours we have

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    I agree with you, it doesnt make sense. I started playing in 2014. So I wasnt around when the puebla ovens came out. And yet, I have them locked! This re-release never made it to my Android.. Others are in the same situation and have the puebla things unlocked, so why these confusing lines of action from S8?

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    This is so sad I have the ovens available even tho I never did these goals but some of my neighbors don't. Please can we have them available to everyone so we can all enjoy them? It was so exciting when I saw they had been re-released! S8 should make them available to everyone and then re-release other ovens at other times as well! It's so much fun when old ovens come back, I think that's my favorite part of the game!!!!

    I really hope you'll give these appliances to everyone S8 :-) Thank you

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    Ha, they messed it up but didn't want to admit it. Tsk tsk tsk..

    To be fair, why not release to all players regardless of level or platforms since YOU(TL) are the one who messed things up? It's not fair whereby some players who didn't complete the goals back then got access to the appliances and decors. But other players got locked out of it. Bad bad move TL!
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    > Sorry, no longer accept neighbor currently. All invitation will be declined. < Thank you!

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    Come on S8, make it right. You had such a good idea to offer a second chance LTO on that decor and those ovens! Clear the way for everyone and keep up the second chance LTO'S. I did the Cinco de Mayo goals and enjoyed them. I am so happy for everyone who saw locked appliances but now gets a second chance to enjoy them. I need the gelatto and coffee shop ovens and decor. I am looking forward to a second chance on those goal items and ovens. Why is this so hard? Why is this taking so long? It really is an easy decision. Please make it right AND keep up the second chances!

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    I think the ovens need to be release to everyone....

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    Fortunately i got these ovens,but wow TL not answers here to solve the problem? Wow,what a bummer!

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