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Thread: New update causing crashing

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    New update causing crashing

    Just installed the new upgrade.

    The game SLOOOWLY loads, then crashes as soon as it's in. No error, no popups interferring, nothing- just "Hey, you're"

    I've cleared my safari cookies and history, restarted my ipod, and closed the game. I've tried at least 10 times to get the game open.

    I've been playing since January 2013. I use an iPOD touch 4th gen.

    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Regina View Post
    We're working to resolve this as soon as possible, but the fix requires a version update so this may take a few days for Apple approval. We apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, to resolve this, you can restart your game and it'll reload your board. Thank you for your patience!
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    Same here! No new event is loading either - just the new splash screen.

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    I can't get ANYTHING to load. Of the now dozen times I've opened the game I've only gotten past the news screen twice and before my dragons can even smile at me it rage quits.

    I've been dealing with the game crashing often for a LONG time now. I'm starting to get to the point that I realize I might just hang up the towel until such time as I have the money to buy the latest iPod because apparently you can only play this game for six months to a year before you'll put out hundreds of dollars on the newest hardware. Forgive my complete and utter frustration.

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    Hopefully they will fix this soon. I also have a IPad. I have over 300 dragons - maybe that is also making mine crash?

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    I'm sure with that many dragons (I've got that many) it's not helping but honestly, why should players be punished for using the game for its intended purpose? We're gathering dragons and since they don't always stick around or are part of events there is a mad dash to "catch them all". So it should be MY fault that I have so many dragons because they keep coming out with new ones? That I should have to sell my dragons because my 2 year old device that costs $200+ dollars can't support a game that keeps growing?

    Ugh, sorry again, rather frustrated. I'm sure having a lot of dragons is not helping the crashing but I find it rather odd that it's an "update" for bug fixes among other things that has led me to be unable to load the game period.

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    I just deleated and reloaded the app and now it seems to work. Give it a go.

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    After trying to zoom out a little it crashed again. Never saw a dragon improvement, sure but still leaves the game unusuable.

    Tried opening the game after the crash and it crashed before getting passed the new loading screen. Tried a second time and same thing.

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    I'm always afraid to do that but sure...'s the test...

    Sluggish to load. On the messages screen, neither allowing me to accept gold nor closing...finally closing. Thinking...thinking...only half my enclosures loaded and no dragons. There they ...are...sparkles from visiting players...not all dragons loading...there's my gold and money...trying to scroll to my nest. Little bit of movement...still sluggish. No dragon movement...

    Well, I got the game to turn ON at least...

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    After this update, I can't zoom out very far. I have deleted and reloaded the game and still can't zoom out.

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    likewise - and on an ipad mini its awful to use !! slow to load as well - thanks TL, I will be deleting unless a fix is released asap. I guess no testing is a good way to send an update out,

    Quote Originally Posted by DI3S3L View Post
    After this update, I can't zoom out very far. I have deleted and reloaded the game and still can't zoom out.

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