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Thread: What Did I Spend My Gems On

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    What Did I Spend My Gems On

    Hey there Team Lava or Storm 8 ... or "The Powers That Be"

    Hey and Howdee there, thanks for several fun time wasting games that I continually enjoy and spend way too much time on... so much so that occasionally I find myself waking up after dozing off... finding my hand has slide across the puddle of drool from the corner of my mouth and across the touch pad... lord knows what I've purchased in my sleep...

    Can you tell me?

    Is there a list\website\InGame-OutOfGameApp that lets me see that I HAD 500 Gems... I have spent 350 on a Manticore... 40 on Speeding up my Cabbage to harvest, etc...

    Not looking for a complaint department, just looking for a list of what I have purchased and need to berate myself over.

    lil ole me

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    Please contact support ( They can give you a purchase history.
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