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Thread: Can't Purchase 2nd Door!!

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    Can't Purchase 2nd Door!!

    I notice that many Restaurant Story 2 game users have the door in their restaurants positioned closer the the corner of their restaurant which allows for more space to layout appliances, counters, tables, etc. I'm a fairly new user currently on lvl 32, so I began researching the forums for directions on how to move my door I found that I needed to purchase a 2nd door which should be available to purchase in the "walls" item section, but I don't see a door available for purchase!! I submitted a ticket to Storm8, which unfortunately was of no help. They didn't even seem to understand my question after I replied 5 times to attempt to clarify!!! Can anyone help???

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    In RS 2 you don't need to buy a second door, not like you have to do in RS 1, BS, or FS. In this game you just go into edit mode and then click on your door to move it. Once you click on it, it should highlight and you just move it to the wall space you want it to be at.
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    Thank you so much!! I just tried your suggestion and it worked!! This forum seems to be the best place to get answers to my game questions. The Storm8 person who responded to my ticket informed me that I was required to purchase a 2nd door which obviously incorrect.

    Thanks again��

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    In restaurant story 2 you can't purchase a 2nd door.

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