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Thread: Castle Story: April 2015

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    The Glimmerwood!

    Castle Story: April 2015

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your ID here. Only one post per ID.

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    Warnecke07 ��

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    ReginaStorybrooke - write on my wall I gift daily

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    Add me.........tinamott2878......

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    hey guys I play castle story daily, I gift daily and help out as much as I can , feel free to add me as a neighbor ;; and WRITE ON MY WALL I LOVE WHEN I CAN INTERACT WITH OTHER PLAYERS

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    Apr 2015
    Add me => Storm8 id is uccsss

    I also play Dragon Story, Farm Story 2, Restaurant Story, and Pet Shop Story

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    Add me rainydayreader1

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    Hi, I borrowed a friend's tablet last Nov. in order to start playing Castle Story back since the game does not open on my old tablet. I had to return the tablet after a week and haven't played Castle Story until now. I discovered I could play it on my PC on an Android simulator called Droid4x. The only problem is that I can't post messages or invite any friends.

    So, please add me (bkjen) as a neighbor, if you don't mind the fact that I won't be able to post on your wall when I visit you. I will gift daily and keep track of who I gift (due to the 3 gifts/day limit). Thanks ahead.

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    Willgb09 just started out and would love some neighbors!
    ~Always looking for new neighbors in Dragon Story, Fantasy Story, Castle Story and Wonderland~

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    Please add me. (Almost) Daily player. Will honor all requests.


    ID: ab6249

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