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Thread: Got only 10% of progressive jackpot

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    Got only 10% of progressive jackpot


    I just got a progressive jackpot (the slotfather) that was around 70.000 but i only got 7.176 as payout.

    This happens more than once.

    How can this happen?

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    Slot Father is good but I find that the pirates are better consistently.

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    (Going to bump this in case anyone else is browsing through)

    It is possible that while you were in the game, the jackpot reset. Because there's no way to see exactly what the jackpot is while in the machine, it could happen at any time without you noticing. When it resets, it goes down to about a tenth of its value, hence the disparity. In my opinion, I feel we should be notified in some way if it resets. I feel very bad for you and, if you still play, I hope it doesn't happen again.
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