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Thread: Can we suggest animails to you?

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    Question Can we suggest animails to you?

    My daughter and I are such big fans of fantasy story and we have been working on a animal that we would like to suggest to you guys we are unsure if you would accept it. My daughter is a great artist and loves creating new creatures and now we have this game and it is perfect for her talents. So we would like to know if we can suggest?

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    There have been many people, including myself that have said about different types of creatures that they would like to see in game. I suggested holly collie(but they might have already planned It at the time) and we got one also someone mentioned giraffe and we have one.

    I'm sure you could always put the idea up, there is no harm in it. I don't know if they would actually produce it or not though. There have been many good ideas that haven't gone through, yet.
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    You can add your suggestion to the current suggestion thread
    Fantasy Forest New Poll and Suggestion Thread 12-9-14
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