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Thread: Restaurant Story: March 2015

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    I don't tip much due to lack of time, so I don't care who tips me. I sent you an invite.

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    I din't care about tips. I will send you an invite.

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    Please add me if you don't care about tips. I am really busy, so tipping is NOT a priority for me, and I do not care if I get tips or not.

    I do, however, send gifts daily, always parts. I also reply to requests daily.

    My ID is KnittedWord.

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    I don't tip daily, either, but I do send daily gifts and answer daily requests. Invite sent.

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    Mar 2015


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    Add me, ID: falanorajib
    Name Restaurant: N Restaurantit
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    Add my restaurant and bakery story id @ juliejuicee

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    Storm ID is eatmeatpu@@y Just add ss where the at signs are
    play multiple times daily and gift, also try to tip daily. accepting any requests
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    Add me please my I'd is habeby69

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    Tinamarie1985 Daily gifter!!!!!!!

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