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Thread: Mini tourney : Visitor dragon (green purple) 2-27-15

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    Finished it, good luck everyone!
    625 unique dragons
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    Well, here we are again! Do these tournaments happen a lot?
    Here are my results so far, just lost my first battle, with Immortal kicking a.. of my epic WarriorQueen:
    don't remember who won Rd 1, so starting with the second
    2.Aurora < Wild bM
    3.Origami < Forest Bb
    4.Lotus < Diamond
    5.Cherry < Family B
    6. Samurai < WarriorQueen B
    7. Kitsune < Night bM
    8. Falling Leaf < NightStalker bM

    Good luck everybody!

    Kennedward, Congratulations!
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    Ouch ouch again a tournament, have to heal yet so many dragons. I wish everyone the best of luck

    RD.1 Bronzetalon Epic B win against Flower LV 1
    RD.2 Inquisitor Epic win against Aurora LV 1
    RD.3 Angelfire Epic lost, Bronzetalon Epic B win against Origami LV 4
    RD.4 Warden Epic lost, Warrior Queen Epic lost, Emerald Knight Epic mbm win against Lotus LV 7
    RD.5 Bronzetalon Epic bM win against Cherry Blossom LV 10
    RD.6 Dynasty Epic M win against Samurai LV 10
    RD.7 Razorback Epic lost, Barbarian Epic lost, Raven Epic B win against Kitsune LV 12
    RD.8 Razorback 2 Epic bmb win against Falling Leaf LV ?
    RD.9 Swan LV 4 lost, Lunar Ram LV 1 lost, Three Kings Epic lost, Diamond Epic mbB win against Immortal LV 18
    RD.10 Razorback Epic mB win against Honeybee LV ?

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    9 Immortal.18 < metal 10 mB

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    Round 9) Immortal...won with Athletic lvl 4...mMb (I'm in shock actually, lol...lost 3 before Athletic)

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    Immortal < Camelot B

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    R1. Flower 1< Berserker 10 Mb
    R2. Aurora 1< Guardian 10 mb
    R3. Origami 2< Spartan 10 Mb
    R4. Lotus 7< Bonsai 10 Mb
    R5. Cherry Blossom 10<Steelflare 10 Mb
    R6. Samurai 10< Marshmallow 10 M (Lost Berserker, Steelflare, Lightning)
    R7. Kitsune 12<
    R8. Falling Leaf 16<
    R9. Immortal 18<
    R10. Honeybee 18<
    R11. Infinity 20<
    R12. Visitor 20<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythdefied View Post
    Bloody Immortal. I was flying through this tournament until I came up against it. Have to give it up for the night and try again in the morning.
    Me too. Good luck to all of us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by clarity625 View Post
    Me too. Good luck to all of us!
    lost 5 times against the immortal today, #6 will be in a few minutes

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    Had to ultimate Falling leaf R8 after creating a long line to spa with my losing champs yesterday...

    But forgot I did that and this morning - still half asleep I used Warrior King L10 against Immortal and won with a bash and magic the first time out.

    Hope this helps

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