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Thread: Broken Hearts? Can anyone give tips on my boutique

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    Broken Hearts? Can anyone give tips on my boutique

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    This is my boutique, I have 100 heart rating but when people go in the dressing rooms often times they come out with broken hearts and at first it didn't bother me because my heart rating isn't going down but for every broken heart that's a lost sale and I really want to figure out what I should do to my store to fix this. Is it the way my dressing rooms are? The mirrors? The register placement? Can anyone help?

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    Hello my friend,
    This is a bug on Android, i have search n found the answer on this forum.
    The register, she only take one customer at once, so there is this way.

    Making sure the cashier was along the right wall with one space next to her open.
    Hope this helps!
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    Yeah, looks like that same bug. Remove the top 3 dressing rooms near your registers and see if that stops the broken hearts. You can add them back one by one to see which ones are causing the problems, but I would advise arranging your store to keep that area near the register relatively clear.

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    Did you get the answer you were looking for? I don't have that problem and have made 14 million in sales or more. Have plenty of cash registers, dressing rooms and most important and I say is vital to have is plenty of mirrors! I do hope this helps if still need it.
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