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Thread: Golden Items (Nugget, Apple, Egg)

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    Question Golden Items (Nugget, Apple, Egg)

    All the golden items (Nugget, apple and egg) are they required in any other quests other then sir pigglesworth? I have already got sir pigglesworth and just got my second golden apple and wanted to be sure if I should save it for a future quest (since it is so rare) or can safely use it for golden trade?

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    Yes there will be a new trade option which needs golden apple, egg, and nugget.

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    I am pretty sure there are quests that require gold items. Also, they are required to level up buildings at the higher levels(level 4 or5).It is better to save these. The gold trade only gives 5 gems. I really don't think it is worth it considering how rare these items are. Sir Pigglesworh gives gems and so does going on adventures.
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    SAVE THEM! Until you have a good stock of them, do not use them to trade for a gem or 2. There are quite a few goals requiring gold items.

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