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Thread: Flash Tournament 2/20/15 - Lunar Goat

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    Flash Tournament 2/20/15 - Lunar Goat

    Good luck, everyone!

    Prize = Lunar Goat (in honor of Chinese New Year)
    Super Rare electric-fire
    22:00 incubation time
    24:00 evolution time

    Round Opponent Strong Element(s) Best Attacker. Excellent. Good.
    1 Rainguin nature, gem,
    Xmas, Valentine
    Emerald. Poodle. Unicorn or Citrine. Nature with anything but fire.
    2 Lightning Leopard earth Earth with anything but water or Valentine.
    3 Seamur electric, gem,
    Xmas, Valentine
    Citrine. Unicorn or any gem hybrid. Any Xmas, or electric with anything but earth.
    4 Ember Bear earth, water, fire,
    treasure, living wood
    Earth-fire, water-fire or water-earth. Treasure. Treent.
    5 Bansheep fire, earth, treasure,
    living wood
    Earth-fire. Treasure. {Fire or earth} with {nature, dark or electric}.
    6 Rampage earth, water, gem Cthulhu. Water-earth. Unicorn or Emerald. {Earth or water} with {nature}.
    7 Jackalope fire, water, gem Ruby. Steamtrunk. Unicorn. {Fire or water} with {electric or earth}.
    8 Paradise Parrot fire, water, gem (same as above)
    9 Treasure Toucan nature, Xmas Any Xmas, or {nature} with {fire, earth, water or electric}.
    10 Snowpossum nature, gem,
    Xmas, Valentine
    Emerald. Poodle. Unicorn or Citrine. Nature with anything but fire.
    11 Crystal Unicorn dark, treasure,
    living wood
    Treasure. Treent, or {Dark} with {fire, water or electric}.
    12 Lunar Goat earth x2 Earth with anything but nature or dark.

    How to read the graphic:
    • You want to choose the best animal (in terms of both rarity and level) that is overall strong to the animal you are battling.
    • If an element is depicted right above another it is strong to it. Right beneath = weak to it. If neither right above nor right below, it is neutral.
      For example, fire is strong to dark and nature, weak to earth and water, and neutral to electric, treasure and gem.
    • If you add together your strengths and weaknesses to get a net positive, it is a good choice of elements.
    • Because TL keeps adding new elements, the graphic keep becoming more convoluted. I apologize if it is hard to read now. It used to be so simple! Anyway, because of the extreme number of elements and relationships (most are > 2 others and > 2 others now), once you have found the element you are looking for in the graphic, look again - most elements have to appear in the graphic twice now.
    • I am working on a new graphic with the TWO additional elements since the last tournament - living wood, and valentine.

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    1. emerald dragon > rainguin (1-0)
    2. rock rhino > lightning leopard (1-0)
    3. zapra > seamur (1-0)
    4. steam trunk finally ember bear (1-3)
    5. skeletal dragon > bansheep (1-1)
    6. cold turkey > rampage (1-0)
    7. ruby razorback > jackalope (1-0)
    8. ruby razorback > present pheasant (1-0)
    9. toy poodle < treasure toucan (0-3)
      santa claws > treasure toucan (1-0)
    10. emerald dragon > snowpossum (1-1)
    11. treasure toucan > crystal unicorn (1-2)
    12. lunar goat

    Overall record 11-10.
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    I called it!

    Sitting this one out for sure. If anyone wants a good reason not waste their Saturday playing in this tournament (and not waste their precious gems!), just remember that the animal is a RAMPAGE and it's a permanently available rare that you will probably get while trying for the Valentine's animals.

    I pass on the lazy clone and unfair tournament... no regrets.

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    Losing against the first round... great start to the tournament. (Go figure, though. I was born in a goat year and it's not said to be lucky when it's your year's turn, haha.)

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    Overall 12-13

    1) Rainguin 1 < Twighlight Troll 15
    2) Lightning Leopard 2 < Thorilla 15
    3) Seamur 4 < Rumblebee 15
    4) Ember Bear 7 < Steamtrunk 15 (1 loss)
    5) Bansheep 10 < Skeletal Dragon 15 (1 loss)
    6) Rampage 10 < Cold Turkey 15
    7) Jackalope 12 < Steamtrunk 15 (2 losses)
    8) Paradise Parrot 16 < Steamtrunk 15 (1 loss)
    9) Treasure Toucan 18 < Santa Claws 15
    10) Snowpossum 18 < Twighlight Troll 15 (1 loss)
    11) Crystal Unicorn 20 < Rumblebee 15 (1 loss)
    12) Lunar Goat 20 < Thorilla 15 (6 losses)

    I hope that Lunar Goat fights for me this well. If your going to lose 6 times in one round, at least it was the last round.
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    Oh by the way, this animal isn't a goat lol. It's a RAM. Google pictures of the two animals. They couldn't even bother to get the shape of the horns right on this lazy clone!

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    Hah, I lost in the first round too, so glad I fed my Toy Poodle up to level 15 so it could be beaten by a level 1 rainguin :P

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    PyroPony beat Rainguin

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    Hey guys

    Here are my results

    Round 1 rainguin beaten by leopard
    Round 2 leopard beaten by matrimony
    Round 3 seamur beaten by conducktor
    Round 4 ember beaten by matrimony
    Round 5 bansheep beaten by Hollie collie
    Round 6 rampage beaten by crystal unicorn
    Round 7 jackalope beaten by crystal unicorn
    Round 8 paradise parrot beaten by crystal unicorn
    Round 9 treasure toucan beaten by Santa claws
    Round 10 Snowpossum beaten by crystal unicorn
    Round 11 crystal unicorn beaten by Firefox
    Round 12 lunar goat beaten by chimpala

    Here is the egg 22hrs

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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    My ID is Melis2a84 xxxx

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    Thank you Mel! You are Speedy!!!!

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