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Thread: What have you gotten so far during the valentine event?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilliDee View Post
    All I wanted was the smitten kitten. All I got were three doves and a plethora of armadillos, a couple volcamels, several rumble roosters and a rampage or two. Maybe I've bred enough fails that I'll be able to breed whatever is needed for the amethyst pony this month.
    You'll need dream bat for amethyst pony..I posted all missions in birthstone pony thread, good luck!

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    Thanks! I'll start trying now.

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    1 smitten kitten and like 5 love doves, no matripony like I was hoping for though. Let's hope they bring it back during the year. Got 1 love bug but already had it, didn't try for that trio. So far got amour boar and going for hug pug.

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    For the first few tries, I've been getting the commons and rares for that combination (earth and fire, like volcamel, magmacore, etc.) Then I got a single love dove. After that, I think I got a few volcamels and rubble roosters, then non-stop armordillos until the event ended. Actually still have the last armordillo egg on my nest, as of the time of writing.

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    Grr I got a 19 hour timer... I hate the ruble rooster -.- I keep getting them and I already have 1 :/
    19 taken from the time we have left to breed the valentines animals :/

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    All I have gotten is the pink boar,the pigeon,nothing from breeding tried numerous times but got a moth or armadillo each time so I quit trying. On the wheel all coin and decorations yuck! Lol would've loved a new animal baby 😀.

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    Got 1 smitten kitten, 1 heartvark, 1 chocolate bunny (sort of vday related), and a romanticore. Really would have like to get the love dove on my primary account, but instead got it in my baby account.
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