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Thread: Looking For Friends On Monopoly Bingo! To send one another gifts!

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    New to the game. Please add me. I'm a daily player.
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    Quote Originally Posted by judicialgrl76 View Post
    New to the game. Please add me. I'm a daily player.
    I have removed your personal name for privacy.

    On post 35 of this thread , there is a link to the facebook page where you can find other players.
    Need me? Send Me A Private Message

    Note: Due to some personal matters, I will not be on over the weekend.

    Contact Storm8 by filling out this form: support.storm8.
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    Add me please

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    You can all add me as a friend my storm8 I'd name is: Laurel3267

    May I add you all as friends? 😇 Can't hurt to have all the help possible keep running out and then can't go back until next day! Very annoying. 🙆🏼

    Please let me know and thanks so much. 😁

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    Hi guys

    I am new to this game. I hope to make more friends playing Monopoly Bingo so that we can send one another gifts through the game.

    Please Add Me On Facebook, my email is []
    Once we are facebook friends, we can send gifts to each other in Monopoly Bingo. Please include Monopoly Bingo as reason for friend request.

    Thank you everyone for adding me!
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    Storm 8 I'd is Bbking84.Id love 2 be friends on bingo.Add me n I'll accept.Ty good day
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    Hey guys,

    For privacy reasons, please do not share your personal information on the forum. This includes your email and Facebook name. You can find others looking for neighbours on the Game Facebook page. Thank you.

    Please do not share personal information

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    Need friends to do gets with stormid nckielynn666

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    Need friends

    Add me if you can

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    Storm8 ID:


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