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Thread: Looking For Friends On Monopoly Bingo! To send one another gifts!

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    New to the game. Please add me. I'm a daily player.
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    Quote Originally Posted by judicialgrl76 View Post
    New to the game. Please add me. I'm a daily player.
    I have removed your personal name for privacy.

    On post 35 of this thread , there is a link to the facebook page where you can find other players.
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    Add me please

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    You can all add me as a friend my storm8 I'd name is: Laurel3267

    May I add you all as friends? 😇 Can't hurt to have all the help possible keep running out and then can't go back until next day! Very annoying. 🙆🏼

    Please let me know and thanks so much. 😁

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