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Thread: Rewards from adventures

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    Rewards from adventures

    How often do you actually get a buy-with-gems item from the adventures? I kind of thought I would get them more frequently. I don't remember how long I've been doing them, but I do one a day and I'm level 22. So far the only one I've gotten was a white cow. So one in over a month of playing.... is this the normal pace? Are any of the adventures better for these items than others?

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    I think so!

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    I haven't had a gem item from adventures since before Christmas I think, but I've often got 3 in a week. Then none for ages. I've been playing since May, am level 50 and since around level 15-20 I've been adventuring every day alternating between the available adventures pretty systematically. Unless I know I'm on a timed event and doing a specific adventure or waiting for one.

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    I have been playing since Dec 2013.
    I have recieved
    13 fruit trees
    3 white cows
    2 white pigs, numerous pink pigs
    3 royal carriages, and beast statues and unicorns as well
    4 white sheep and 1 black
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    I've played since November 2014, I've gotten:
    3 Orange Trees,
    1 Dark Cave Formation,
    1 Royal Pig,
    1 albino pig,
    1 sheep,
    2 white cows,
    2 dragon statues,
    and a bunch of campfires, overgrown benches, etc, that stay in my inventory.

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