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Thread: Game Lag Caused Me to Lose Gold :mad:

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    Game Lag Caused Me to Lose Gold :mad:


    I accidentally purchased 130,000 food for 500 gold because of a lag in the game. I was trying to collect from my habitats when the game lagged, and came up on the food screen. I accidentally bought the food while trying to exit the screen, but the game remembered my clicks from when I was collecting gold. I tried to exit the game, but it was too late. I DO NOT WANT THE FOOD. It was a mistake because of a lag.

    Can you please help me? I have not used any of the food and I would like my 500 gold back. That is a lot of gold to lose because of a game lag.

    Thank you.
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    Please email for assistance. Please be sure to include your Storm8 ID and share the details about your food and Gold so they can take a look. Thanks!

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