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Thread: Introducing Item Bundles! (iOS 1.7.5+ only)

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    Introducing Item Bundles! (iOS 1.7.5+ only)

    Do you always enjoy having a theme to your Restaurant? Do you enjoy going through the design menu and picking out things that go well together? So do we! We're very excited to be introducing a brand new feature as part of the Restaurant Story 1.7.5 release - Item Bundles!

    Item Bundles are a set or theme of items that we put together and make available for purchase at a hugely discounted price! These Item Bundles will be available in the expansion tab, along with the Mystery Boxes, but please make note of the distinction that you will receive every item contained in the Item Bundle with your purchase. Also, these are a one-time purchase per Item Bundle per game. Once you buy the Item Bundle, you will no longer be able to see that particular Bundle available in your game.

    We really hope you enjoy this new feature! Please see below for a bit more information about how to buy one. If you have any questions, please post them here. Thanks!


    Our very first Restaurant Story Item Bundle is the Classic Bundle, which contains the following:
    • 4x Bistro Table
    • 8x Bistro Chairs
    • 4x Granite Counters
    • 2x Industrial Fridges
    • 1x Classic Chef
    • 1x Culinary Artist
    • 1x Dishwasher
    • 1x Ticket Station
    • 5x Ivy wallpapers
    • 10x Elegant floor tiles

    1) Navigate to the expansions tab and find the Item Bundle you wish to purchase.

    2) Take a moment to view all the items that are included in the Bundle - you can scroll up and down to view them all!

    3) Once you buy the Bundle, you will notice red notification icons above each tab where you received your new items! Navigate to each tab to view them all.

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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! I love the idea of getting some control over the smaller prizes from boxes. I'm a huge fan of the 3rd and 4th prizes, usually, but chasing one or 2 of them just isn't feasible. Can't wait to see this in action.

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    Is this available for android users?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LalaSmooth View Post
    Is this available for android users?
    Looks like this is for IOS only (version 1.7.5. only)
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    Ohh this is so cool! Wonder how long are the bundle gonna stay? It's not an lto right?

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    Really interesting idea, something new finally..!!! Hope it's not a LTO...

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    Awesome idea!!!!!! Well not so awesome im a faithful droid..... seems like its another matter of lobbying between TL and.... say.... IOS manufacturers.....
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    Frozen Turtle, you said that once we purchase the bundle we'll no longer be able to see it in our game, does that mean the actual bundle to purchase again, or the individual pieces (like the granite counter, tables, chairs) were we may want to purchase more than just what came in the bundle? I'm a little confused on that one point.

    I love this idea of buying a theme in a bundle, but not if it means the individual pieces won't be available to purchase more of out of the design tabs.

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    I'd like to start the standing ovation! Hope it makes it's way to Android shortly.

    First prize not included?
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