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Thread: Bakery Story: February 2015

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    Looking for active neighbors! I gift parts and I prefer being gifted parts, too. I'm looking for neighbors who don't mind not being tipped (you don't have to tip me either). My ID: TheLadyRachel.

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    I am a 4 star player who is looking for 3 more 3-4 star neighbors. I tip and gift daily, and I love to post on walls with emoji. If I sound like a neighbor you would like to have, please add me.

    ID: Whixie

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    Feb 2015
    Add me: anj418

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    Add me missaliciababe

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    add me please ID: diannexyue

    most of my friends didn't play anymore

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    IDs: eclairbear and cythecub (bakery, dragon, restaurant)

    - responds to requests as soon as I can
    - gifts daily (parts only)
    - tips when there's time


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    Hi neighbors to be. My id is mariannas33. Pls add me. Daily player and daily gifter. Not daily tipper . thx!!!!!

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    I dont mind if you dont tipp. I just need active neighbors for gifts and parts

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    Please add me Yaegerthewolf I used to play a game nearly identical to this on Facebook a few years bake then they just shut the game down one day

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    Add me: minnieholli

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