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Thread: Restaurant Story : February 2015

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    Restaurant Story : February 2015

    Looking for neighbors? You can add your storm ID here.

    Only one post per storm ID.

    Need me? Send Me A Private Message

    Note: Due to some personal matters, I will not be on over the weekend.

    Contact Storm8 by filling out this form: support.storm8.
    How to submit Support Request

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    Daily player, visit those who visit me, daily gift and accept all item request
    My StormID: pliskin257

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    My ID is shainasgill. I am on level 99. I play multiple times a day. I am desperate for new neighbors. It seems a lot of people have quit playing. I respond to help requests and I tip all neighbors daily. I also gift daily as well. Please add if interested. Again, shainasgill. Thanks in advance. See you in game! ��❤️

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    My id is rokomis77 for restaurant story need friends thanks .

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    Mi id es kellygs77,juego todos los d?as, y varias veces, prometo responder todos los mensajes, gracias

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    I no longer can accept members at this time. I am at the capacity that I can handle. I will have to decline any new requests after 2/9/2015.

    Gifting only and gift requests only.

    No tipping needed or wanted.
    Tipping will not be done in return.
    Messages are not accepted. They will be ignored and deleted.
    Last edited by thepuppyplace3; 02-09-15 at 03:25 PM. Reason: No longer need neighbors
    It's 5:18 somewhere.
    Gifts and requests only.
    Tipping not needed. They will not be returned. Messages not needed. They will be ignored and deleted.

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    Hi, add me stefanka42 :-)

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    If you are in need of a good neighbor, please add me...

    I go school full time. I have too many neighbors to gift regularly. I gift back what you gift me if there are goals.

    I tip daily or try to, schedule willing.

    I answer all requests!

    If you are new to the game and need a neighbor, I love to help newbies.

    ID: IsisGarden
    Sometimes, you just gotta shake your head, so you won't pop off at the mouth.


    Not adding neighbors at this time. All requests will be declined.
    ❤️Love ya, IsisGarden (Fashion Story Moderator)
    Ft Support Help: Contact Storm8 through

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    lvl 44 tips and gifts daily

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