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Thread: Food not stacking

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    Food not stacking as well

    is there a fix for this, I'm having same issue?

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    I'm also having this issue.

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    I have two vegetable juices that are not stacking . Click image for larger version. 

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    Unhappy Duplicate food on counters

    Game version 21.7
    iOS version 8.3
    Account name: Farmacy23

    I opened the game this morning and my food on most counters is still there (there's nothing block the door and usually it will sold out). Sometimes it happens but I'm getting use to it ^^" but today it is different because there're also duplicate food on my counters. Please help fix this issue. There's still food to place on counters.
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    After months of compliant by many users, I see no improvement at all, can some one please fix the problem of "food not stacking". This is getting VERY ANNOYING!!

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    I have this issue too. What's happening???

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    I have 3 counters with Lobster Bisque. To make matters worse, 2 of them were finally down to 1,000. Then, an hour later they are both back up to 1,300. Other foods are also increasing in numbers from what they were without cooking more.

    Quote Originally Posted by electronicole View Post
    So some of my dishes are taking up multiple countertops regardless of whether or not they are the same dish. For example, I cooked two sweetheart cupcakes and they are using two different countertops even though they should have merged onto one.

    I'm using version 2 1.6 on iOS 8 for iPhone 5.

    Anyone else having this issue? Please fix.
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    This has been happening for over 3 months now. Can it get fixed? If this is just another issue that will not ever get fixed, ca you at least let us buy more than 20 counters to offset the counter space we keep losing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SparklyOctopus View Post
    Thanks for the information, everyone. We've been passing this along to the team.
    But are they going to fix it?

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    Food split by 2

    My fajita split by 2 , i dont have enough counter to sell my dish
    My id kenvindeptrai
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