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Thread: Which expansion for Magic Garden?

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    Which expansion for Magic Garden?

    Okay, so I used 9 whisp lateens and 1060 royal points and expanded where I saw the rainbow for the magic garden was but it did not trigger the magic garden.

    And now I'm kinda confused between two areas, both of which could potentially have the magic garden so can tell someone tell me how many royal points do I need for the magic garden and wisp lateens so I could figure out?

    The two areas i am confused between require 1080 royal points and 10 whisp lateens and 1320 royal points and 12 whisp lateens respectively!


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    There is a Kingdom Map in The Hub which shows each expansion space and what it costs to expand it.

    You are probably close to the magic garden. Hit the expand button again and see where the yellow arrows are. They need to be on top of the square where the garden is. Have a look at the map though.... good luck!

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    It's the one that requires 10 Wisp Lanterns

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