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Thread: Expanded to Water Garden, Materials Gone, No Expansion

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    Expanded to Water Garden, Materials Gone, No Expansion


    I'm running Farm Story 2 version 1.8.4 on my iPhone 5. I FINALLY saved up the materials to expand, and clicked "expand now." My materials were taken, and I could repair water plots. I repaired three water plots, and the game reset. Now my materials are still gone, but it's asking me to give one land deed to expand to the water garden (only one - nothing else), and I'm guessing that if I do that (which, I shouldn't have to), then I bet my materials used to repair will have been wasted as well and that the previously repaired water plots will be messed up again.

    I reinstalled, restarted, closed background applications, and everything else suggested in the bugs post.

    Please help.

    - jhevel

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    Email support and then send a CM here your ticket number to see if they can expedite it and help. I'm so sorry that happened! I know how hard and long it takes to get those tools and coins. Hope they can really help you.

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    I had the same issue......submitted ticket nothing yet! Im so upset I bought expansion permits, old maps, and land deads. Now its asking for 1 land dead. Ugh!!!

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    Sorry to hear about that! As orleansparish said, please send a ticket to support and one of our agents will be able to assist you.

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