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Thread: Nugget #2 - Expanding

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    Sorry. Thought I was in another discussion thread.
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    Since the island plots opened my game is very unstable. I'm experiencing more resets and when I hit Expand , it crashes. This is going to be difficult.
    It's like walking on eggshells.

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    I didn't find any plots on sale either. Just three very expensive (ticket wise) plots. So disappointing after waiting so long.
    10 exploration tickets at a time is a bit rich for me.
    Am I wrong, or is 10 explorers permits really equivalent to 1500 trade tickets?

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    You did the math right Flowersandgems. The new plots really are that many Trade Tickets.

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    I was crafting expansion permits all yesterday and today. I've just fully expanded on the mainland and lost the craft to make Expansion Permits in the Royal Exchange. I have two unopened plots on Audra that require Windchaser and Explorer Permits, which I can craft. I posted in bugs. Is anyone else in this situation seeing this glitch?

    I am hoping it's fixed before I max out on trade tickets!

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    Where are the new plots?

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    I can’t craft trade tickets and expansion permits..... the option dissapeared..... I can craft explorer permits....
    explorer permit require expansion permits and expansion permit require trade tickets.....

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    Ugh, I hope the problems were fixed.

    Does anyone know where the new sale plots are?

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    See post 576 for the plots. 2 are right behind the academy plots and the 3rd is to the right of Lulani’s Lair.

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    Advise needed. Before this latest expansion I had fully expanded and maxed out with expansion permits and around 550 trade tickets, but not one explorer permit.

    Will this 10-10-9 explorer permits for the three new plots be permanent requirement or will it be doubled after the discount period as has been the case in previous expansions, what do you think?

    If the number of explorers will be doubled then I try to trade as many explorers as possible otherwise I will trade the trade tickets first in order ti get the tts run again.

    Any thoughts?

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