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Thread: Nugget #2 - Expanding

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    Absolutely insane I agree. Also we need higher coin drops. It takes ages to accumulate a million or am I missing something...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavegirl1 View Post
    But the question is .. how much will the expansions cost that they are releasing in a year's time?
    Good question. I just made an extrapolation based in the last 8 months of data. If we maintain the current trend of inflation the plots will cost by the end of the year:

    Explorers Permit: 14
    Royal Points: 6 280
    Coins: 1 850 000

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    I agree that the additional expansions are great.

    My issue is that they continually raise the requirements without giving our realms the resources to keep up within any reasonable time frame. The game economy, like any economy, needs adjustments to both sides of the scale if there is any hope of maintaining long term viability.

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