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    The game has one unofficial goal that all of you must perform: expanding. To build a sound economy and be able to tackle the more advanced quests and adventures, you must grow your real estate. This go through a rather resource intensive process.

    Alternative view: The Glimmer Forest Expansion Map

    The current known expansion plots are:

    The full in game map:

    Expanding the dominion is a resource intensive labor; especially the plots requiring expansion permits. Each expansion permit can be obtained with 30 trade tickets, and each explorer permit can be obtained with 5 expansion permits / 150 trade tickets. Those are by far the most time and resource consuming elements. All resources mapped per plot:

    There is no best strategy. However, to speed up your expansion you better:
    1. Expend concentric around the start zone. The plots closer to the center of the forest require fewer resources.
    2. Follow the main plots and expend in direction of the special features. Do them in the main storyline order!
    3. Do the expansion permit plots last, go for those with the fewer permits first.

    It is important to have as much as possible real estate, rather than expanding in one direction; focus on the cheapest plot you can access.

    From time to time when expanding, the plot closes when all resources are given. The game makes a resynch and you cannot access the plot anymore. Just force-close the game and restarts it. The plot should be accessible again; eventually you need to adjust the RP amount. The coins, lanterns and permits are not lost.


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