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Thread: Shovel

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    Yippee! Finally got my first shovel just before reaching level 28.

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    Oddly, I received my first shovel from Cid at level 16. I wonder if there are any special conditions to prompt that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reveler View Post
    Yippee! Finally got my first shovel just before reaching level 28.
    Congrats on your first one!! But I'll say almost level 28....that's just ridiculous on so many levels. Literally can't stop smh on this....

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    I got a shovel and hammer ( 2 accounts ) level 15&17.. But no wood for 1 week..

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    I've read that as you gain levels, blueprints will become more common, and I believe that will be the case with shovels and hammers as well.
    I got my first shovel when I was level 19. I also believe it depends on how you play the game, because if you constantly leave your shop open, you will have to keep making food and if you're not there all the time, you'll only get the worker when you are there, hence why you might be level 26 and still not gotten one.

    I tend to make lots of food, mostly stocks of fajitas, and I keep my restaurant closed by keeping the chairs and tables away from each other, and putting something to block the door. Then when I'm ready, I'll put some chairs back and unblock the door so only a few people get food and I can get a tool item. Since I'm saving my food, I don't cook more as often as if I would just leave it open, so I don't get XP until I need to make more. About 8 XP every 140 construction workers, if I only let a total of 5 people in each time.

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    I'm only 200 xp from finishing level 28 and I still have yet to see a single shovel.

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    I'm only lvl 17 and I've got 2 already and no use for them.

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    I'm at Lvl 24 and I haven't received a shovel yet. Admittedly, I don't play that much because the game is a bit frustrating to me. The wait time for some ingredients is ridiculous and who wants to wait for Cid to drop off parts that you already have in abundance?!

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