I think we have given then lot of idea. I do like the idea, I think someone mention about a train over by the water there. Putting in food orders like the curses, of if the train need to be stocked with pepper, onions, etc. Also I would like for the food truck to work as well. Unlocking new recipes for it, and serving food truck food, or some ice cream/ gelato, and maybe some goals to open a next one. Have a new store for condiments for the truck. Also that boat out there. Imports would be great! Also, allowing us to catch shimp or octopuses for more recipes. Maybe special seeds for the garden as well for new recipes. Also seeds to allow us to plant vanilla and ginger. (Sorry still on level 46). Maybe the train can also import items or items to build. Friut trees would be amazing as well. Maybe another garden, but make it to a vineyard to collect the grapes, or trees for olvien oils, etc

I really hope they will do something soon. We have giving so much ideas. It was be amazing if they can get
This squared away.