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Thread: Game resetting - losing items [Resolved]

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    Quote Originally Posted by grammyzoo2 View Post
    I just spent 30,000 on expansion, it was there then ''poof''...gone, no coins left, is this the right place to be to discuss this? Took me for freaking ever to earn those coins! Uuuurgh!
    Force close your game then restart it. It might be that you don't have enough RP to open the plot. Normally the coins payment have been registered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ReinierMamaWouter View Post
    Same here. Not losing items, but keep having to restart the kitchens and other crafting buildings. Really annoying!
    Same here. I have to keep checking everything before I close as all of a sudden, crafting or kitchens is empty. People complaining of this in all the games. Maybe all the quests have put a strain on the system. I find that every time there is a popup, it glitches. Those ads are driving me crazy. All non TL aps working fine. Force closing doesn't help.

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    I was having pop ups like every two minutes, so I installed the games and that fixed it. I haven't had a pop up all night. It's a pain to have to do it, but I recommend it for you all if it continues.
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    Me too. Pop ups really annoying and seem to send the game backwards. Lost last item for train delivery and had to wait another 2 hours to make another. You'd think someone at team lava would be checking things when lots of people will be playing as they're on holiday.

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    Just collected from all 4 pigs. Game reset and I've lost all my truffles and they have all gone back to sleep. This is getting ridiculous.

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    I am so glad to know I'm not the only one having this problem. I've lost energy, gems, things I've collected...things I started to make have gone puff and the materials to make them are gone. It is happening in both TL games I play. It started a few days ago for me and it has really made it hard to do the holiday quests. I've also rearranged my kingdom and farm and then had some or all of the changes undo themselves. I hope TL fixes this glitch ... I hope it's a glitch and they really didn't program the game to pop up every two minutes with another game ad!

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    I'm having the same issue. Went to collect from my reindeer stable and it reset, got a better drop from it though. But the opposite happened when my collection from my pile of gifts reset... Got a worse drop.

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    I know right!when I play bakery story sales adds and other useless things I'm not going to buy pop up haveing me restart my cycle of serving food and collecting tips

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    I too am experiencing resets once a pop up is displayed. Whatever I was collecting... It is gone and you get to recollect from the item but it may not be as good as the one you would have received! If I was purchasing a item while the pop up displayed... Then I too lost the coins. Very frustrating when I was buying classic trees yesterday, once it reset the coins and the trees kept disappearing! Ugh
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    I thought I was the only one experiencing this! It's so aggravating to check in on your progress, and realize that the items you have selected to crafted about a few hours ago was never started! The ads are also seemingly endless! I had assumed it was a bad internet connection!

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