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Thread: Game resetting - losing items [Resolved]

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    Game resetting - losing items [Resolved]

    Enough already with all the new game pop ups! My Castle Story and Farm Story keep resetting and every time it does I lose things I just collected or started! I've lost countless hours of making things for the holiday quest only to have the game reset and the items I just collected are gone from inventory but the place I collected from is empty also. Or I start something to "cook" and it resets but them where I was cooking is empty and the resources I used to start it are also gone. It is happening in both games when the characters pop up telling you to go install another game. Turn it off already. If I wanted those games I'd download after the first notice. I don't need a dozen more reminders every day. Am I the only one frustrated by this? It's turning me into a Scrouge! Bahumbug!
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    I KNOW! It's driving me crazy. The last few days Castle Story has become almost unplayable because of all the resets. Someone needs to get on that ASAP.

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    I've been having a problem with this too. I can't mine for rocks without getting at least 5 trolls before I clear it. It's probably a server issue as the other Story games are having this problem.
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    I thought it was something wrong with my iPad. This is the most annoying problem with pop ups we have ever had. I'm losing stuff left and right.

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    I hope they are working tomorrow. I can't stand this glitch over the weekend. I'll never finish the Christmas quest.

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    I just spent 30,000 on expansion, it was there then ''poof''...gone, no coins left, is this the right place to be to discuss this? Took me for freaking ever to earn those coins! Uuuurgh!

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    This is driving me crazy! I thought it must just be my iPad too. At least I know i am not completely crazy. Thought I had imagined it the first few times.

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    STOP with the incessant pop ups. The game is so slow it's impossible to play. It's gotten ridiculous!

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    I have been experiencing this problem all day today. I thought it was a connection problem on my end but looks like it is not. It is definitely making the game difficult. I have been collecting and recollecting items all day. I have not noticed items being lost. I also have been rearranging my town and noticed when returning to the game buildings were back in the old places. I thought I was going crazy at first ��.

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    Same here. Not losing items, but keep having to restart the kitchens and other crafting buildings. Really annoying!

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