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Thread: Appliance parts

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    Appliance parts

    I don't know why, but I certainly m having problems playing this game! I am currently building an ice-cream machine, and I need 10 cans of pink paint. Well I have already been given 5 cans and they are in my gifts, but there is a lock on them and it says in parts needd that I have 0.

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    Is it showing "pink paint" in your inventory, or "paint"? Because "paint" is also pink, but it's different from "pink paint." "Paint" is just a paintbrush with paint on it, and "pink paint" also shows a bucket of paint (and it should be past the "paint" in your inventory, if you actually have any).

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    Sorry for the confusion! The Ice Cream Maker requires 10 Paint. I took a look at your account now and see you should have enough to build the appliance now. Good luck!

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