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Thread: Unable to load castle story

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    Unable to load castle story

    Has anyone else got a problem with loading CS tonight? I've got internet (otherwise I wouldn't be able to post this) .......I've restarted my iPad.....I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled it but I still can't load it. It's telling me I'm not connected to the Internet!!!! fact I can't load any team lava games
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    I can't get on any TL games either. I'm in the UK.

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    Sorry to hear that! Have you tried disconnecting the connection to your WiFi and reconnecting to it on your device? If this doesn't help, please try contacting so a Support Agent can take a look into your account. Hope this helps!

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    Me neither. Haven't been able to log in for the last two days! It looks like it is trying to load, then I just get thrown out back to the menu screen on my ipod. Frustrating as the Christmas quest had only two days to go and I had almost completed the 2nd to last thing with collecting 3 candy canes. No doubt I will have missed the deadline before it comes back. I hope team lava do the decent thing and extend the quest deadlines for all those people out there loyal to the game that cannot get it!!

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