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Thread: Free gems not added after i download game goal

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    Free gems not added after i download game goal

    I have this problem when I download Candy : Turkey on last month. Free gems added to BS, and city story, but NOT in my fashion story, restaurant story, and farm story.
    I already email to support team, and they reply that free gems has been added, and I reply it's NOT happen on my fashion, restaurant, and farm. it only happens on my bakery & city.
    they insist that everything is correct, everything is solved, and they CLOSE my request without any action or clear information about HOW is been solved or WHAT is they doing for this problem ?? they just answer : everything is correct !
    and leave me with nothing..
    can somebody help me ?

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    Closing thread because discussing specific support issues is not forum appropriate.
    Please send me a private message with your support ticket number and I will see if a CM can provide more details.

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