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Thread: Farm 2: Buy/Sell - Thread 1

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    Hey everyone.. Im looking for two gold to finish the pony event. I have one extra dirt if you need any and lots of papers for trade. I can also trade saws as I have way too many of those but no tools for mining. My username is nunuusfarm. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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    Do you have your gold? I have one piece you can have
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    Does anyone have a BAT COOKIE from the Halloween limited time recipes? I was "helping" my son with his game and accidently sold the one he was keeping in his inventory because he really liked them. I tried to buy it but it did not show up in his stand until more than 2 hours later and someone else bought it. :-( PLEASE HELP !! Willing to bargain anyway I can!!

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    I'm looking for red ruby's for my floral shop. I need to complete a mission and never come across them. I have tools and goodies to bargain with. My handle is Rikifreespirit.

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    Looking for nickel plate for the event, is there anyone with excess.....

    got it ....
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    I am almost out of axes and shovels, but need nickel and ore. Thanks for the help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiriellaBella View Post
    I am new to the buy and sell site. How do I connect or get an item someone will sell?
    Welcome to Farm Story 2! You can communicate with the buyer/seller via posts here, farm wall or you can send them a private message by clicking on their ID next to their post and select [private message] option. You need to add them as your neighbour before you can buy/sell with them. Our forum ID is the same as our Storm8 ID for adding neighbours. Hope this helps.

    Use Help Me I have a Question thread if you have more questions. Check out some helpful threads in Post 1 of the Main Guide to help you get started on game and forum. Happy farming!

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    in need of 2 gold. anyone can help?!?! thanks!!!

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    Hi, I'm looking for mining tools(shovel, pick). I'm out of all mining tools because of this event. Please help me. Thank you very much

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    Hi.Is anyone selling mining tools? I can't find any nickel and now I am out of tools.

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