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Thread: Petition to make pile of gifts permanent.

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    Please, please let's keep asking... My drops haven't been that great but I can see that lower level players can really use the items

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    Please please please! Given I'm level 50 and maxed on many items I have had a few drops of just 300 coins (assuming I was full on others in the bundle) but it's still fun, like a lucky dip at a fair! You know it's probably a junk item you'll never use again but the fun and surprise is worth the dollar you give so please keep the pile of gifts giving!

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    I would also like the pile of presents to be permanent. I would also like the winter kitchen I worked so hard to get to be permanent. I play a lot

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    If not permanent can it at least be extended for those that got so many duplicates to maybe get a chance to get something nice like a mantie pleaaaase tl��

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    Team lava PLS add this as a permanent item

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    Pretty please?

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    TL please add as permanent item! Thanks

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    Pretty please, too!xx

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    Any answer .... Or.ignored so we get a No without them ever having to say no explicitly,....?
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    Well it just expired......let's see what happens...

    Anyone collect after?...I'm gonna guess it's 1xp

    Also can anyone/mod confirm that the devs received notice that there is a 13 page petition of 120 or so signers?
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