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Thread: Castle Story: 12/11/2014: 12 Days of Christmas Part 2

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    I tried really hard to complete this but ran out of time. I have missed out on a substantial reward that was to be available all over Christmas. And then you try and sell the prize to me?? This has been badly organised and has finally managed to set me against the game that I have played for a long time and spent a lot of money on. Pay more? You can whistle for it! Whoever planned this has made a massive mistake.

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    Thanks for your post SpiritWind00! And for those that help out on this forum.

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    If it was going to be literally '12 days' and part 1and part 2 were in fact on the same time why was it presented so disjointed.... got caught up and thought part 2 would run on separate time line... Oh well. Thanks anyway to all those who posted info. It would be great next time if TL would say Total time for all parts from day one.... Not next week part 2....

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    Whoa...1each, golden apple, golden egg and gold nugget plus 5trade tickets from my first pile of gifts collection. Score!!!

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    Why do you assume that players come on this forum all the time? I only came on to find out what the hell went wrong with a game I play every day. The limited time was way too limited. end of. This is how you lose players. Well one for sure.

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    I find it sad that as I didn't manage to find the last item, and went to pay the 50 gems to complete it with 5 minutes to spare the game froze and then closed ��

    When I got back into the game less than a minute later it said i wasn't able to complete it and was asked to pay 400 gems for the pleasure.

    I am so frustrated with this as I spent all day trying to get the partridge to absolutely no avail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharmOfLea View Post
    That's just plain cold. Pfff
    You statement confuses me. It does not seem cold to me at all. It seemed heart-felt and sincere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikecyr View Post
    You statement confuses me. It does not seem cold to me at all. It seemed heart-felt and sincere.
    Thanks for saying this! I think so, too. SW is a sweetheart, and I know how difficult it was for her to post that, and I just want to support her. Yes, it's upsetting when people don't finish the challenge, and I also support people's need to vent their frustration. Let's hope that the next few updates will be so fabulous it will remove this bad taste from people's mouths. I do think TL tries very hard to be clear and make fun things for us to do in this game, with the lone exception of not fixing the gem traps, that is. For that they should get coal in their stockings.
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    I completely agree that it was heartfelt and sincere and I appreciated the gesture.

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    I don't usually come on here but I just must question the partridge part of the quest. I spent too much time on this and although I kept trying to get the partridge from the fruit trees. It never showed up and I was timed out. I have to start to rethinking the time I waste with this game. I am at level 50 but....

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