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Thread: New Event - Holiday Celebration(IOS ONLY) - December 12, 2014

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    New Event - Holiday Celebration(IOS ONLY) - December 12, 2014


    Quote Originally Posted by PookieBear50 View Post
    Not sure if anyone mentioned this, or if it is already common knowledge and I'm just a total ignoramus, but... DO NOT upgrade the tree until right after you've collected your presents. Upgrading it will reset the timer back to 3 hours. Wish I'd known that beforehand

    Christmas Decorations are coming! Thank you Team Lava!

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    This post will be updated with instructions for the event and a list of the official prizes!

    Ok it is a community based event!
    You need to buy the tree that needs to be upgraded.
    You collect upgrade parts from making plane deliveries.
    Or you buy snowy pine trees and chop them down with axes you get from plane deliveries.
    The trees cost 2500 and you get two chops.
    You will receive presents or upgrade parts.
    You collect presents from the holiday tree every four hours.

    Individual Goals
    First Prize: Santa's Gift Sack : 100 presents
    Second Prize: Santa's Sleigh : 450 presents
    Third Prize: Snowy Clock Tower : 1000 presents
    Fourth Prize: Santa's Workshop : 2000 presents
    Fifth Prize: Reindeer : 4200 presents
    Quote Originally Posted by SgtBeebo View Post
    The final prize for the event is the Reindeer and its habitat. It is a pet, and not a decoration Hope this helps. Happy farming!
    Community Goals
    Unlocks at 500 gifts

    First Prize:
    Second Prize:
    Third Prize:

    Good Luck Everyone!
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    I was wondering if we would get one of these. Yay! So happy I saved my gems. Have about 283 now. It would be lovely if we could win the items listed for sale last week. If they are I know those who purchased them for gems will be irritated. If they Arent what we could win, it's silly to have them on the pic.

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    It will be a huge bonus if we can win those items released last week from this event without spending any gems. Though I'm hoping that the reindeer is a real pet and not a useless deco, I'll let it roam around my farm all year round. Lol! Also glad to see a new Christmas tree, I hope it will rotate 360 like the one we have last year. XD

    May this event be fun and enjoyable for everyone! And dear TL, please let it snow in our farm! Let it snow let it snow let it snow please!
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    So so so ready for this, guys. I just love christmas. I've been neglecting my farm a bit since the end of the Thanksgiving event and I am so ready to get back into it.

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    If you want the pets you will have to buy them from the store.

    There will be one animal a reindeer not sure how many gifts for him yet!
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    It is December 12 the and I am not seeing any Christmas update on my farm??

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    Quote Originally Posted by oledoeeyes View Post
    It is December 12 the and I am not seeing any Christmas update on my farm??
    The event usually starts at 5:30 pm eastern daylight savings time or about four hours and 20 minutes from now.

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    Any idea what time it starts in the UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by wendy2859 View Post
    Any idea what time it starts in the UK
    10:30 UK time
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