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Thread: Feedback on "The Hub"

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    Congratulations on all your hard work SW,it's looking great!

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    In the building thread I would add for each building the real estate in squares; i.e. amphitheater Size: 4x4

    OK, I'll put that on my 'to do' list... thanks! SW
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    Building guide:

    Amphietheater need 4 architects paste to build and for lv5 150.000coins, too

    Item guide:

    Mithril: rare drop for Jeweler Trade ( somethimes i got 2 mithril )
    Feeding through: buy at market

    Decoration List Market:
    Beast Statue costs 100gems

    Adventure drops: maybe you write down the adventures with the highest chance to drop
    - for me ( and i send out daily to dark cave and via baracks the ancient vault ):
    unicorn statue -> dark cave
    carriage -> dark cave
    royal pig & cow -> dark cave
    dragon statue ->ancient vault
    overgrown bench ->ancient vault
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    ok, folks, time to give me some specific feedback to build on the post above. Can you track your adventure box drops and post them here. Don't worry about posting normal drops, just anything that sits in a crate on top of the castle/barracks. I'll add another post in the Inventory Guide to capture this information. If anyone else knows if it's recorded elsewhere, please post here.

    Name of adventure: xx
    Box Drop: xx

    I'll update this post: List of Adventure Drops - special crate/box drops

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    Just used it for the first time. Super easy to find the winter bakery, loved it!

    Will do on the drops, once I finish adventuring to Polaris North for mint leaves that is

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    Thank you spirit wind. This plus the inventory list must have taken you ages to compile. We all really appreciate all your hard work. I find it so easy to look up what I need for everything.

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    awesome! Thanks... Will add this to box drops. (Done) SW
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    Jeweler is missing in building guide

    still working on the resource section which is where this building sits... Thanks for the pickup! SW
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    The royal exchange is missing in the building guide

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    SW thank you for the awesome job you're doing, and with Dabag, you both are Creating the best "CS Comprehensive & Full Guide" ever.
    I am sure no other game has such "Detailed Guide" or players committed to help others
    Thank you 👏👏👏👏👏👏
    💎💎Gem confirmation button please!💎💎

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