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Thread: Feedback on "The Hub"

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    Feedback on "The Hub"

    Please leave your feedback here on anything extra that would be helpful to see in "The Hub."

    (note, this is not the place to leave questions about the game.)

    I hope you like it and find it really helpful!

    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritWind00 View Post
    Hi all, S8 have changed the way players contact support. Emails are no longer accepted. From now on you need to fill out a form to submit a ticket. This new system has already started.

    Link to form:

    If you have the email in your signature, please remove it. If you want to help someone to go to Support, make sure you refer to this link from now on. I'll put this in the Hub How To Use post as well as in the front of this thread.

    The Hub has a new home!

    The Hub was moved to a new sub forum of its own. It should be much easier to find information (now that it isn't lost amongst all the sticky threads anymore!)

    Info for Android device players: on Android phones the sub forum sits at the top of discussions ALWAYS in an unexpanded view.. You need to expand the sub forum view first and then you'll see the Hub and Game Guides.

    Just look at the top of the page on the Discussions forum. You'll see there are 2 sub forums:

    1. Castle Story | Game Guides
    2. Castle Story | The Hub

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