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Thread: Connection issues

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    Hey guys,

    Small update on this matter: this issue is being looked into, and any further details you can provide about when you experience this issue would really help out a lot. Specifically:
    • Are you able to open your game at all, or does this issue occur after you get into your game?
    • Does this issue occur after a specific action? For example: you lose connectivity after trying to cook a dish, or visiting a neighbor, etc.
    • Are you using the newest version of the game? If not, you may want to uninstall any older versions you have on your device and try the newest version. Don't worry, your progress will be saved between versions
    • Have you tried connecting over different WiFi connections? Is this issue isolated to a single connection or does it affect multiple connections?

    Thanks for your patience everyone, and thank you in advance for any info you can provide. I'll update again as soon as I get more news.
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    the game does not want to open

    I am French I already apologize for my weak English.

    Before I play Bakery Story on my tablet and no worries.

    I wanted to download it on my cell phone (ZTE Blade S).

    The game is download, install well, but it does not open, it crash and come back to the home menu of my phone or sometimes tells me that the game requires access to the internet, but I still have the Wifi on my phone.

    Can you help me solve this problem, because I really like this game and I prefer to play on my phone is more convenient than the tablet.
    Thank you, I'm waiting for your answer.


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    Angry Won?t load

    Every time I try to load this game, it says there?s no internet. My internet is working just fine on all my devices with the exception of the two Storm8 games I play. This is very frustrating. Why won?t it load?

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    Same here yesterday it kept saying out of sync.. Today i am having issues loading my nbrs bakeries to even tip them it is very frustrating... Wish the problem was fixed.

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    Help! Can't Get On

    I can't seem to get on Bakery or Restaurant Story. It keeps saying to check my Internet Connection.
    I checked everything & I'm connected to the Internet. I also tried restarting everything.
    Thanks for all help,

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    Disconnect from your network and connect back and try again. Or try a different network. Both my games are working.

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    I can't sign in to bakery story

    At the sign on screen it says Unfortunately bakery story has stopped. Help I don't know what to do? 3 day's now! Thank you

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    Are you still unable to get into your game? Can you check that you are using the latest device operating system and latest regular game version? Please let me know what device and game version are you playing on if you are still having issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Regina View Post
    Sorry about that! Please force close the games and reopen them to see if this issue continues. We have been able to open our games, so please let us know if you are able to do so now. Thank you!
    This is actually doing it! I have 3 or 4 different versions of bakery story plus the original version on my Samsung SM-N9005 with Android 5.0.
    Game kept crashing right before loading all the data, no matter what version I've been trying.

    Thanks for this really helpful solution!!

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    No connection to Bakery Story

    Hi, does anyone else got the same problem as me?I?m on iOS 12.0.1
    I can?t get in bs for 7 hours now. It says that I have no internet access. My wifi is working fine and there?s no update in App Store. I guess my food has been expired, hence I?d like to have finished my goal :/.

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