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Thread: Helpful Hints for New Players

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    Helpful Hints for New Players


    Welcome to the Castle Story Forum!

    I have prepared some information to help you navigate your way around the forum. I hope you find it helpful

    * There are 3 sections of the Forum - Discussions (game talk), Bugs & Issues (problems with bugs and glitches) and Suggestions & Feedback (game suggestions).
    * It is important that you do not create duplicate threads. Check the first couple of pages in the Discussion Forum first. If in doubt, use the Help Me thread.

    Above all else, you should be familiar with what is in the Hub! It has everything you need to know about Castle Story! It should be your 'go to' link (it is for me!).

    Click here for The Hub! link

    The Hub is our main source for all game information. It includes threads about Inventory Guide; Building Guide, Adventure Guide, XP level charts, Information Nuggets on specific items; Main Goal Guide with step by step instructions of all goals and the Castle Story Outline Guide which tells you what triggers a goal and has helpful tips in summary form. In the Explanatory thread, there is also information for brand new players (Castle 101).

    If you have an Android device, the Hub sub forum sits at the top of Discussions ALWAYS in an unexpanded view. You need to expand the sub forum view first and then you'll see the Hub and Game Guides:
    1. Castle Story | Game Guides - the top dark blue section (sticky threads) are all of the main story goals. The light blue section underneath are threads on events and anything not connected to the main story.
    2. Castle Story | The Hub - includes an explanatory guide (sticky thread) and the main threads mentioned above (which are also linked in post 1 of the explanatory guide) as well as heaps of other really useful information and some fun stuff too!

    Click here for the Help Me! link

    This is a great multi purpose thread where you can ask for help or advice about a goal or if have a question about any item or drop or building! Read the 1st post in this link for more information.

    Forum Rules

    Last, but not least, please make sure you've read through the Forum Rules so you understand what you are allowed to post.

    Please feel free to send me a PM (private message). I will respond as quickly as I can.

    Happy Gaming!

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