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Thread: Black Friday Deals!

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    Quote Originally Posted by orleansparish View Post
    I just saw a nice winter themed shop. It was lovely! It would be nice to get some content that doesn't need us to rely on old additions to get items. I was thinking of doing an ice theme too but will go with a xmas, red, green and gold motif. Let's just wish they don't wait a week before Xmas to give us anything.
    Yes..please an early Christmas update. I decorated with red /gold mainly for Christmas not all exactly Christmas item's but it works. I have alot of blue, icy snow item's including the winterwall fountian thinking that's going to be my January decor. So really hoping for more traditional colors this year for Christmas especially gold.

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    This was the most uneventful BFS. I think i would've preferred if they just offered the gem sale than those measly offerings of items for sale.

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