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Thread: New Tournament - Spartan Dragon - 11/25/14 (IOS)

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    New Tournament - Spartan Dragon - 11/25/14 (IOS)

    New tourney yay!!!6 days! Good luck caretakers!!

    Rarity: Super Rare
    Type: Champion
    Habitat: Champion Ruins
    Incubation: 10 hours
    Price: 1,500 gold

    1 Sunrise Dragon 1
    2 Luck Dragon 1
    3 Island Dragon 1
    4 Cherry Blossom Dragon 1
    5 Hermes Dragon 2
    6 Ancient Dragon 2
    7 Origami Dragon 2
    8 Pearl Dragon 3
    9 Paradise Dragon 4
    10 Apollo Dragon 5
    11 Lily Dragon 6
    12 Justice Dragon 7
    13 Libra Dragon 8
    14 Jade Dragon 9
    15 Samurai Dragon 10
    16 Tiny Dragon 9
    17 Leviathan Dragon 10
    18 Moon Dragon 11
    19 Kitsune Dragon 12
    20 Geode Dragon 13
    21 Astromancer Dragon 11
    22 Diamond Dragon 13
    23 Mother Dragon 15
    24 Infinity Dragon 16
    25 Rogue Dragon 19
    26 Tanuki Dragon 17
    27 Porcelain Dragon18
    28 Prism Dragon 19
    29 Unicorn Dragon 20
    30 Spartan Dragon 20

    Dragon Battles

    Helpful tips on battling

    Level 32 is the minimum level for Battle Tournaments
    Level 30 is the minimum level for the Battle Arena

    Red use: Yellow, Blue, Stone avoid: Green, Dino, Zodiac
    Green use: Red, Mythic, Dino, Gemstone avoid: Purple, Black, Stone
    Yellow use: Pink, Black, Cosmic, Zodiac avoid: Red, Blue, Gold
    Blue use: Yellow, Purple, Rainbow, Gemstone avoid: Red, White, Stone
    Purple use: Green, Pink, Gold, Zodiac avoid: Blue, White, Cosmic
    White use: Blue, Purple, Stone, Rainbow avoid: Black, Mythic, Cosmic
    Pink use: Black, Gold, Fairytale, Gemstone avoid: Yellow, Purple, Mythic
    Black use: Green, White, Cosmic, Rainbow avoid: Yellow, Pink, Fairytale, Gemstone
    Diamond use: Diamond avoid: Gold, Gemstone
    Mythic use: White, Pink, Fairytale, Dino avoid: Green, Rainbow, Zodiac
    Cosmic use: Purple, White avoid: Yellow, Black, Fairytale, Zodiac
    Gold use: Yellow, Diamond avoid: Purple, Pink, Rainbow
    Fairytale use: Black, Cosmic, Zodiac avoid: Pink, Mythic, Rainbow
    Stone use: Green, Blue avoid: Red, White, Dino
    Dino use: Red, Stone avoid: Green, Cosmic, Gemstone
    Rainbow use: Mythic, Gold, Fairytale avoid: Blue, White, Black
    Gemstone use: Diamond, Black, Dino avoid: Green, Blue, Pink
    Zodiac use: Red, Mythic, Cosmic avoid: Yellow, Purple, Fairytale

    Champion: Type has no effect here,
    Weak against: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Pink, Black, Mythic, Cosmic, Gold, Fairytale, Stone, Dino, Rainbow, Gemstone, Zodiac, Tropic, Royal, Ice Age, Abominable,Blizzard, Champion

    Valentine: Type has no effect here Type has no effect here
    Metal: Type has no effect here Type has no effect here
    Egypt: Type has no effect here Type has no effect here
    Soccer: Type has no effect here Type has no effect here
    Olympus: Type has no effect here Type has no effect here
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    Oh bother; here we go again I don't know whether to be happy at the chance for a new Super Rare Champ or outraged that this is taking place the week of Thanksgiving. I'm laying odds that a whole lot of people are going to lose this one due to traveling and family obligations. At the very least, I hope the opponents aren't as horrific as last time.
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    I was hoping for anything but a tournament...I'm so sick of battling. I will dabble but I don't have space for a new habitat so my last 2 tourney champ dragons are still in storage.

    Where's the spin wheel when I want it??

    Good luck to everyone who attempts this.
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    I have to wait 30 minutes!!That's critical time for me, 30 minutes could decide my fate!!
    If anyone could provide a proper picture I'd be very grateful lol!

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    Another tourney? I thought we are having "thanksgiving event".
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnth12 View Post
    Another tourney? I thought we are having "thanksgiving event".
    Comsidering how down to the wire we were with the Halloween event, maybe TL figured that the comm needed a break from them?

    Either way, I'm using the tourney to get the last nine sheilds I need for crafting Steelflare and getting my first Champ. It's nice to have my foot in the door with those!

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    Aww, well done Pern, I hope steelflare and spartan are both yours very soon!

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    R1: Sunrise 1 < Steelflare B

    My spa list is still so long, I am not ready for a new tournament

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    Took out a Sunrise 1 with my Virtue 6, earned crest 99, and I have my first champion. I'm currently crafting him in the spell shop and his habitat is under construction.

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    Hello all. New turney, new losses.
    1 rnd Berserker lvl9 lost to Sunrise lvl1.

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