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Thread: NightClub Story Should not be deleted !

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    NightClub Story Should not be deleted !

    **Don't Close the Thread Please it might work i hope**

    check this post please :

    so i really want nightClub story to be on iOS its my best game , some people don't have any android to play it now , think about your customers TeamLava some of them love this game

    so i made this you might say its a list to see why you should not remove it :

    1- City story and Empire Story ---> Replaced by City story 2 and yes the are old games

    2-Hidden Objects: Mystery Seeker Story ---> Replaced by Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes not an old game but the same

    3- Monster Story ---> replaced by Dragon Story its not old game but the same gameplay with Dragon

    4-Treasure Story ---> will its an old game not replaced with any thing

    5- Zoo Story ---> Replaced by Zoo Story 2

    *Now before i talk about nightclub story these game (except Treasure) all available on android and Kindle why not iOS

    NightClub Story ---> Not Replaced by anything you might say its the same with Restaurant and Bakery but no
    i know its making drink for customers like making food for customers
    But do the customers dance in RS and BS ?
    Do RS and BS have a DJ with music ?
    Do the customers talk in RS and BS ?

    you were weekly update it and themes stuff like christmas , halloween and shamrock

    you do what makes your customers happy teamlava

    The other main games will be fine trust me !

    So my Point is RETURN NIGHTCLUB STORY TO iOS PLEASE you will make me Happy and some iOS Users

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    I agree I want my old nightclub back ! Grrrrrrr

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    I think the reason why it isn't on ios but is on android is the cost of keeping the app on the app store. Apple charges $99/year and Google charges a one time fee of $25. Plus they have to pay the developers. I really love the game and I'm glad to own an android, wish they'd support it again but at least it's still alive. Please TeamLava push an update

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