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Thread: ⚔Thuakie Sword Society⚔ (Castle Story)

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    Milady precious✊��,I'm struggling to keep my emotions in check. You're the one that invited me into your TSS,and made me your loyal Smeagol. I've never felt so honoured��.and whilst I've been lazy,and consumed by my own problems,I want you to feel all my thoughts and prayers from down under. We need you,my precious,our precious,all TSS precious✊��✊��✊��

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    My heart goes out to you for all you’re going through....sending love, hugs and prayers. And, of course, Dilly, Dilly!
    ⚔Humble and Proud Servant #4⃣1⃣ of Thuakie Sword Society{⚔}==========>

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