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Thread: ⚔Thuakie Sword Society⚔ (Castle Story)

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    Dilly Dilly, Yo! I know it's pretty lame to suggest a flower too-doo and then fail spectacularly but in my defense I fell asleep in the hammock...and it seemed like So Much Work as I was watching the clouds drift by...heh

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    I know, I know; I'm behind. Again.
    So, here I am, checking in for May & June (yes, I'm still alive!) lol

    I've got too many irons in the fire...CALGON, TAKE ME AWAYYYYYY!

    Will get back to you lovelies as soon as I can. *smooches*
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    Not accepting new nbrs, can hardly keep up w/the demanding ones I have. lol *kiss*

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    Glad to hear you are well, Captain, and just really busy! Here’s hoping you can come up for air one of these days! Dilly Dilly!⚔️
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