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Thread: ⚔Thuakie Sword Society⚔ (Castle Story)

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    ⚔TSS⚔ Induction Ceremony

    {Moderators: Please keep this thread as a gathering place for the (currently) 81 Castle Story players who are a part of this club.}

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Official call to order of the ⚔Thuakie Sword Society⚔ (⚔TSS⚔)!
    A place for us to meet & gab!

    [Transferred from my wall, 2014] -------
    ⚔TSS⚔ Induction Ceremony in Knights' Hall. After-party hosted by Mr. Purple G!

    *AFTER* a new Thuakian receives a sword/weapon, s/he is asked to take the Pledge, in order to become an inducted member of ⚔TSS⚔.

    1. Do you (as 1 who signed up) accept membership into the ⚔TSS⚔ & agree to participate in its functions when possible?
    2. Do you agree to treat your unique Thuakie sword (&/or other Thuakie weapon) with respect & follow the Tao of Teotwawki & Teotu?
    3. Do you pledge to attend meetings whenever possible, support the club & its members, further its interests & contribute your share?

    All Thuakians who agree to above & respond "I do", "I will" or its equivalent (here &/or on my wall in-game) will become an INDUCTED ⚔TSS⚔ member & receive the official pin.

    First order of business ...
    As part of your pledge into the ⚔TSS⚔, you are asked to follow the Tao of Teotwawki & Teotu.
    So, what is that, you may ask? The last two words are acronyms -
    TEOTWAWKI (pronounced Tay-oh-twa-ki): The End Of The World As We Know It
    {credit: TSS member #31 Ashville}
    TEOTU (pronounced Tay-oh-too): The End Of The Universe
    {credit: TSS member #24 RELIQUARY}
    The TAO of T&T are adjusted survivalist Zen concepts which have been adopted by the ⚔TSS⚔ and is also known as the Thuakian Constitition (lol) as outlined below:

    ⚔TSS⚔ By-Laws which may undergo revisions &/or additions, by me or Thuakians' suggestions.

    1. Thuakians unite! ... Always be ready to defend a fellow member in distress or need. Have each other's backs! No Thuakian-on-Thuakian backstabbing allowed.
    2. Show pride! ... Display, respect, and guard your Thuakie Sword/Weapon with your life! (i.e., please keep the presentation of your weapon from me on your wall, if possible ...and/or, as some have chosen to do: part of your forum signature)
    3. Practice! ... Your sword/weapon is heavy, lol; learn to use it correctly. Classes may be available from time to time. (ollie's job)
    4. Be like Yoda! ... Learn the language & terminology of Thuan and engage in Jedi mind tricks & mentality whenever suitable.
    5. Be non-secretly secretive! ... Only use the Thuakian symbol (⚔) & secret handshake with other inducted Thuakians.
    6. Be prepared! ... Stay stocked up on basics & supplies, for the inevitable quest or goal that will ask for everything in your storage cellar & then some.
    7. Be a mentor! ... Share goal/quest survival tips, tricks & info with anyone in need, Thuakians and Non-Thuakians alike, either in-game or on the forum.
    8. Inform! ... If you bug out (leave the game) for any extended period of time, try to leave behind a sign (post a note on your or others' walls). When you disappear with no warning, we will only assume you were abducted by aliens. Search parties may or may not be dispatched for your safe return.
    9. Party! ... Frivolity is always welcome & hosting your own wall party is strongly encouraged. Any holiday, occasion or theme is acceptable.
    10. Keep perspective! ... Have fun & don't sweat the small stuff. This is, after all, just a game -- and we are, after all, just a non-secret secret society club of CS addicts wielding emoji ASCII-art swords & weapons, lol.
    Sept '16 Additions:
    11. Respond to the call of your Captain! ... If no response is made (here or in-game) after several important TSS announcements are made on your game wall, you may be denoted in our Roster as Inactive.
    (An Example: Although Officers are designated solely by the Grand Poobah, new Round Table Openings are put to a Society vote and need your input! See #3 of The Pledge.)
    12. Call on your Captain whenever needed! ... Anyone can always send me a Private Message here on the forum, but it has its limitations & I may not see it in a timely manner.
    So, I have a level 1 kingdom that I recently made available as a place to have a more *real time* private 1-on-1 chat with me & this is how it works:
    If I need a private chat with you, I'll write "1-on-1 @ level 1" or something similar in code on your wall as a heads up to be on the lookout for an invite from my level 1 kingdom named "oceanside". If you need a private chat with me, let me know on *my* wall and then I'll generate an invite for you from oceanside. Once our private chat there has ended, I'll clear that wall & delete you from oceanside's neighbor list, so it can remain a private place for chatting 1-on-1 with others. Our main kingdom walls are too public & popular to discuss some private matters, so there is now another option to PM: Private Chat at oceanside.
    April '18 Additions:
    13. Be neighborly! ... Even with those who aren't your in-game neighbors.
    All active Thuakians are a part of the TSS Welcoming Committee, with the responsibility to welcome any new member(s) into our Society and to congratulate any existing Thuakians for any feats, including the adoption of new TSS titles. When notified, post a message in this thread &/or visit the new or honored Thuakian's kingdom and extend a secret handshake, sword salute, or other demonstration of welcome & acknowledgement. Thuakians recognize fellow Thuakians for their TSS induction as well as awards & accomplishments, whether TSS-related or not.
    14. Have Fun! Give FUn! ... There's fun and then there's FUn. Incorporate both when needed.
    {Privately ask Chief Beef or me for details about FUn.}
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    ⚔️TSS⚔️ Member Roster (aka Thuakians)

    ->Round Table members are listed in order of signing up for a Thuakie Sword, which then also became each member's engraved sword number, Thuakie number & Round Table seat number.
    ->Banquet Table-only members are listed in order of their recruitment by the Grand Poobah & have no Thuakie number.
    ->Upcoming Kiddie Table squire prospects & recruits will be listed in order of Thuakian sponsorship.

    All Thuakian profiles are prefaced with any/all applicable symbols & then set to list each member by Thuakie sword name/number. Gender peerage title (Banquet Table currently assigned Lord/Lady, Round Tables assigned Sir/Dame, Kiddie Table assignment TBD), kingdom name (in the member's bold Table color) with any additional weapon(s) ~ any Award(s) &/or Title(s) whether Royally Decreed TA-TA or otherwise (Award/Title Dates) {Storm8 ID, Birthday, Zodiac, Fave Color} Location (QR in that member's Table color which links to their Game Play Quiz Results post)

    ⚔️ pin denotes pledged members who have been inducted (in-game).
    + = "Add me" members who want to be neighbors with all Thuakians.
    TT, kingdom name & Appointed Title (Date) marks the Round Table members who are also a "TA-TA" & have an additional seat at the Banquet Table.
    s = "squire" & denotes Thuakians who are sponsoring a Prospect or Recruit Squire seated at the Kiddie Table. (Only exception: Poobah's Sunny Squire)
    ss = "2 squires" & denotes Thuakians who have two T.I.T.S (the limit) seated at the Kiddie Table.
    P = A "Prospect" Squire who 'courted' & requested a Thuakian neighbor to be his/her TSS sponsor.
    R = A "Recruit" Squire who was approached & offered a TSS sponsorship by one of his/her Thuakian neighbors.

    * = A Star Thuakian who is more active in TSS and, at the time of Roster updating, is recorded as participating in over half (6-9) of the last 10 (+bonus) TSS business & events.
    ** = A Star Thuakian who is most active in TSS & recorded as participating in ALL of the last 10 (+bonus) TSS business & events.
    ⭐️ = A Super Star Thuakian who is more active in TSS [recorded as participating in over half (6-9) of the last 10 (+bonus) TSS business & events] AND ALSO a very active player of Castle Story.*
    *⭐️* = A Super-Duper Star Thuakian who is most active in TSS [participating in ALL of the last 10 (+bonus) TSS business & events] AND ALSO a very active player of Castle Story.*
    (*To qualify for Super Star or Super-Duper Star status, a member must already be a * or ** Star Thuakian and must also score 31-40 in the Game Play Quiz. To maintain status, the quiz may need to be retaken periodically, when notified.)
    RC ="Roll Call" & marks members whose only recent TSS activity is responding to a monthly check-in or 2.
    LOA = "Leave Of Absence" and indicates members who may or may not be occasionally playing CS but are temporarily inactive in TSS because they are away on an announced break from the game w/plans to return after a short or specified period of time [A little Trip or Vacation, Family matter, Event (wedding/graduation/funeral, etc), Health matter (surgery, etc), Moving or maybe just bored w/CS & need a Break]. If preceded with I=Indefinite, unsure of return date.
    MIA = "Missing in Action" members who do not participate or even respond to TSS, yet are still actively playing Castle Story.
    I = "Inactive" Thuakians who are not active in TSS because they have completely left & are no longer playing Castle Story.

    Bonafide Interesting Group of
    Titled Appointments & Thuakian Advisors

    (Est. as "Officers" Oct '14, Name Change & Cup/Order/Banner added July '18)

    Dilly-Dilly Champions of the Diamond-Bejeweled
    Platinum Chalices

    ~ The Most Noble & Royal Order of the Wacky Thuakie Lackeys in Paper Crowns ~

    BANNER: Cupperbutt Figurehead
    +ILOA:Hs Lady-Cap'n North Woods w/Original Thuakie Sword ~ Grand Poobah, Founder & Forge Master (Sept '14) {NorthWoodsKingdom, Dec 17, Sagittarius, purple} Atlanta, GA, USA (QR)

    +**P Lady Sunny Kingdom w/#1 'Needle' Sword ~ Squire to the Grand Poobah (Nov '14) {sunnygirl634, June 3, Gemini, yellow} Orlando, FL, USA (QR)

    *⚔ Lord Rockazar w/#1 'Outback' Thuakie Spear w/Boomerang ~ TSS Stalker-Secretary, Smeagol of the Grand Poobah (Aug '16) {roksta72, Scorpio, blues/greens} Melbourne, Australia

    & RT1 Chivalry & Virtue: Emeralds #7, #9, #12, #16
    & RT2 Swagger & Sass: Sapphires #18, #30
    & RT3 Readers, Writers & Risk Takers: Ruby #44
    & RT4 Suns & Stars: Topazes #56, #57

    Bannerets: Organized Operatives w/Blades

    (Est. July 2018)
    Guardians of the Gemstone Goblets

    (Est. Oct 2014, Name/Cup/Order/Banner added July 2018)


    Dilly-Dilly Guardians of the Emerald-Bejeweled Gold Goblets

    ~ The Order of Verditer Water ~

    BANNER: Golden Phoenix
    -1. In The Pit of MUD-
    RC ⚔2. Dame Natalien ~ Cupperbutt Neologist (Aug '14), Official Bonafide Shoe-Nut Badge Recipient (July '16) {AnniePMH, Aug 28, Virgo, blue} Sweden
    *⚔3. Dame Meeka Manor {katbtodd, July 4, Cancer, purple} Maine, USA
    *⚔4. Sir Bla Bla Land {azriX2012, Jan 11, Capricorn, black} The Azores, Portugal
    -5. In The Pit of MUD-
    -6. In The Pit of MUD-
    -7. In The Pit of MUD-
    -8. In The Pit of MUD-
    -9. In The Pit of MUD-
    -10. In The Pit of MUD-
    -11. In The Pit of MUD-
    +TT*⭐️*⚔️12. Lady bingo chips ~ Senior Advisor to the Grand Poobah (April '18) {PrincessCupOButter, Oct 21, Libra, blue} Louisiana, USA (QR)
    RC ⚔13. Dame monalisaland [Currently returned as MonaLisa] {lifesabeach14, Aug 26, Virgo, red/turquoise} Oshawa, Ontario, S Canada
    -14. In The Pit of MUD-
    ⚔️15. Dame Bunnyland {badbunny42, July 12, Cancer, turquoise}
    +TT*⭐️*⚔️16. Lady Lorrainne ~ Senior Advisor to the Grand Poobah (April '18) {meme1098, Oct 24, Scorpio, purple} Texas, USA (QR)
    -17. In The Pit of MUD-


    (Est. Oct 2014, Name/Cup/Order/Banner added July 2018)

    Dilly-Dilly Guardians of the Sapphire-Bejeweled Silver Goblets

    ~ The Order of the Girdle ~

    BANNER: Silver Dragon
    +TT⭐️⚔18. Northern Lord of War & Man-at-Arms Puffhausen (also w/#1 Barbarian Battle Axe) ~ Paladin & Lover of Cupperbutt's Evil Sisters (Sept '14), Insane ALT U-Goaler Extraordinaire (July '18) {Chaotarch, June 5, Gemini, ultramarine} N Germany (QR)
    +*⭐️*⚔19. Dame Sophiaville {newpam575, Oct 29, Scorpio, green} Minnesota, USA (QR)
    -20. In The Pit of MUD-
    LOA:M⚔21. Dame funville {--, Scorpio, purple}
    -22. In The Pit of MUD-
    **⚔23. Dame becky's world {otgland, Aug 29, Virgo, blue} S Florida, USA (QR)
    -24. In The Pit of MUD-
    -25. In The Pit of MUD-
    RC⚔Crystallized Thuakie Sword 26. Dame Zoe's Castle {zoeee87, March 25, Aries, purple} Iowa, USA
    -27. In The Pit of MUD-
    -28. In The Pit of MUD-
    -29. In The Pit of MUD-
    +TT*⭐️*⚔30. Duchess Hooville (also w/#1 Thuakie Dagger) ~ 2015 First Edition Thuakie Sword Coin Neologist (July '15), Lady Treasurer, Bookie & Master of Coin (July '18) ~ {perry5, May 15, Taurus, blue/green} Georgia, USA (QR)
    -31. In The Pit of MUD-
    -32. In The Pit of MUD-
    -33. In The Pit of MUD-


    (Est. Oct 2014, Name/Cup/Order/Banner added July 2018)

    Dilly-Dilly Guardians of the Ruby-Bejeweled Bronze Goblets

    ~ The Order of the Magical Rule of Three ~

    BANNER: Honey Badger
    +⚔34. Dame Castledom {claupu, June 23, Cancer, green} Germany (QR)
    RC⚔35. Dame AnkhSkardellia {GaSaKaDa, Aug 7, Leo, jewel-tones} Norwich, Norfolk, England
    +*⚔36. Dame Lucky Lu {luckylu98, June 16, Gemini, yellow} Memphis, TN, USA
    RC⚔️37. Dame JudysWorld {TucsonJudy, Dec 27, Capricorn, pink}
    ⚔38. Dame PeanutEllaLand {enaid03, March 12, Pisces, green}
    -39. In The Pit of MUD-
    -40. In The Pit of MUD-
    ⭐️⚔41. Dame Trilogy Kingdom {trilogylass, May 31, Gemini, turquoise} Corona, CA, USA (QR)
    -42. In The Pit of MUD-
    -43. In The Pit of MUD-
    TT⭐️⚔44. Lady Nelson ~ ollie's 2016 Presidential Campaign Manager (Sept-Nov '16), Bibliothecaire Officielle (July '18) {robino23, July 4, Cancer, purple} Knoxville, TN, USA (QR)
    RC⚔️45. Dame sandalwood {--, Aquarius, green} FL, USA
    ⚔46. Dame Xenifar {vizbiz11, Libra, orange} Wilmington, NC, USA
    -47. In The Pit of MUD-
    -48. In The Pit of MUD-
    RC⚔49. Dame Avalon {--, red} Melbourne, Australia
    -50. In The Pit of MUD-


    SUNS & STARS of the 4th ROUND TABLE
    (Est. Sept 2016, Name/Cup/Order/Banner added July 2018)

    Dilly-Dilly Guardians of the Topaz-Bejeweled Brass Goblets

    ~ The Order of the Galaxy ~

    BANNER: White Hawk
    ILOA:F*⚔Magical Mystery Thuakie Sword 51. Dame Wildwood {xtinem070672, July 6, Cancer, purple} Maine, USA
    ⚔52. Dame Oakville {MMaine, Gemini, purple} Toronto, Canada
    *⚔53. Sir mallardville {--, July 18, Cancer, camouflage} N Louisiana, USA
    +ILOA:H⚔54. Dame Alaskaland {UNTD93, Oct 4, Libra, Autumn colors} Anchorage, Alaska, USA (QR)
    -55. In The Pit of MUD-
    TT**⚔56. Lady Hamalot ~ Court Jester (July '18) {bisonbuy, July 5, Cancer, purple} New York, USA
    TT*⚔57. Lord skunkupine [also w/#1 "Light Switch" (switchblade/lightsaber combo)] ~ GQ & CS Monthly Cover Model [Stage Name: Mr. H.H. (Humble Handsome) Modest] (May '18), Royal Court Rock Star ("Skunky & The Off-Key Minstrels") (July '18) {--, Feb 14, Aquarius, blue} (QR)
    -58. In The Pit of MUD-
    RC⚔️59. Dame dawn {--, Oct, Libra, purples} Flamborough, Ontario, Canada
    RC⚔️60. Dame Gibson {danzplace, Aries, red/oranges} Rhode Island, USA
    +⭐️⚔️61. Dame sip {sipland, Leo, blue} Ontario, Canada (QR)
    ⚔62. Dame New Leaf {lindtball, Gemini, crimson & dark blue} Southwest USA
    +⭐️⚔63. Sir Russia ~ Hamburger Helper's Helping Hand Mascot "Lefty" Lapel Pin Award Recipient (July '18) {rar745, Capricorn, green} St. Louis, MO, USA (QR)
    +⭐️⚔64. Dame vol land {tigarlilyvol, orange} Lacassas, TN, USA (QR)
    -65. In The Pit of MUD-
    -66. In The Pit of MUD-
    *⭐️*⚔67. Dame Cool {coolssp, April 20, Aries/Taurus cusp, red} India (QR)
    -68. In The Pit MUD-
    ⚔69. Sir Dudezville {--, Nov 6, Scorpio, green} California, USA
    -70. In The Pit of MUD-
    -71. In The Pit of MUD-
    ⚔72. Dame Happyland {--, Nov 7, Scorpio, aquamarine/red} United Kingdom
    -73. In The Pit of MUD-
    +*⭐️*⚔74. Dame MOON {MoonVillage3, April 30, Taurus, turquoise} Italy (QR)
    ⭐️⚔️75. Dame my kingdom {tracyj2533, Capricorn, green} Honolulu, HI, US (QR)
    -76. In The Pit of MUD-
    +*⭐️*⚔️77. Dame [Sparkle] {ashley224, Oct 7, Libra, sparkles} Ontario, Canada (QR)

    Prospects, Eager Recruits, Knight Youth &
    Thuakian-In-Training Squires

    (Est. July 2018)

    Willy-Nilly Stewards of the Rhinestone-Bedazzled
    Plastic Sippy-Cups

    ~ The Order of Superhero Capes & Underoos ~

    BANNER: Baby Purple Glimmer Golem

    (P or R) T.I.T. of #(sponsor Thuakian). (Peerage gender title, still TBD) Squire kingdom name + other listing info


    THE PIT of Misery Until Despair
    (Est. July 2018)

    Dilly-Dally Mutineers of the Granite-Bespeckled Cast Iron Mugs

    ~ The Order of Torches & Tortures ~

    BANNER: Boar
    I/TT⚔️ Lord Chiefs w/#1 Thuakie Cattle Prod w/Lasso, Woodland Scimitar w/Sheath & Steer Skull Helm ~ MOothrakian Chief Beefcake, Scoutmaster/Head of TSS Praetorian Muscle-Guard, Personal Guardsman of the Grand Poobah (April '18) {beefus, Nov 26, Sagittarius, royal red} Kansas City, MO, USA
    I ⚔1. Sir warwicktown ~ Poobah's Shoe Closet Inventory Contest Trophy Winner (July '16) {warwicktown, Sept 19 "Talk Like A Pirate" Day, Virgo, blue} New York, USA
    I ⚔5. Dame Fantasia {--, Oct 3, Libra, red/royal blue}
    I ⚔6. Dame Gryffindor {--, Oct 11, Libra, blue/green}
    MIA/TT⚔7. Lady Binkyland ~ Close and Personal Friend of The Great Thuan (Sept '14/Aug '16), The REAL Putz Award Trophy Recipient (Nov '14) {Queenzod, May 7, Taurus, yellow} Boulder, CO, USA
    I ⚔8. Dame Heartland
    I/TT⚔9. Lord ollie's kingdom ~ Resident Yoda, Roving Reporter (Sept '14/Aug '16), The REAL Putz Award Trophy Recipient (Nov '14), 2016 Presidential Candidate (Sept-Nov '16) {oliverrr11, Dec 9, Sagittarius, green} Orlando, FL, USA
    I ⚔10. Dame Paradise Lost {ParadiseLostForNow, June 18, Gemini, white} Vancouver, BC, Canada
    I ⚔11. Dame Fancy II {Happy1daze, July 16, Cancer, turquoise}
    I ⚔14. Dame Trap Rain {tentalen, March 6, Pisces, green}
    MIA ⚔17. Dame Magic Kingdom {SunnyDaysFarm2014, July 25, Leo, purple}
    I ⚔20. Dame Majestic {--, Gemini, blues}
    I ⚔22. Sir Absinthe {Ooooze, Sept 24, Libra, chartreuse} New Mexico, USA
    I ⚔24. Dame RELIQUARY ~ Thuakie Coyote & TEOTU Neologist (Oct '14) {reliquary, May 5, Taurus, patterns-over-black} California, USA
    I ⚔25. Dame whatever
    I ⚔27. Dame Prosperous {--, April 4, Aries, blue} Alberta, Canada
    I ⚔28. Dame Zelda {EBJW, Jan 19, Capricorn, black} Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    I ⚔29. Dame Samdom {--, March 24, Aries, sparkles} Los Angeles, CA, USA
    I ⚔31. Dame Ashville ~ TEOTWAWKI Neologist (Oct '14), Cajun Cupcake (Aug '15) ~ {Ash1780, Jan 7, Capricorn, purple} New Orleans, LA, USA
    I ⚔32. Dame GR8TFUL1 {--, Dec 27, Capricorn, turquoise} Clinton, MS, USA
    I ⚔33. Dame Free's Province ~ "Lady in Red" (Oct '14) {--, red} Texas, USA
    I ⚔39. Dame kingdom bella
    I ⚔40. Dame Goldenlily {tgroo, April 16, Aries, red}
    I ⚔42. Dame Lillys kingdom {laurawalker, July 17, Cancer, black/yellow} Ohio, USA
    I ⚔43. Dame AwesomeKingdom {forkyfork99, Feb 4, Aquarius, silver}
    I ⚔47. Sir Lebron Kingdom {lebronkingdom, March 24, Aries, blue} Palm Beach, FL, USA
    I ⚔48. Dame The Outhouse ~ Videographer (Sept '14) {--} Australia
    I 50. Dame Gabi ~ Keeper of The Bread Knife (1st Original Thuakie Sword, Sept '14) {--} Australia
    MIA ⚔55. Dame RAMOTH {OnlyOneRamoth, May, Taurus, pink} Ontario, Canada
    I ⚔58. Dame lost {--, Nov 27, Sagittarius, purple} Texas, USA
    I ⚔️65. Dame Nessa {nessa005, Taurus, sky blue} Toronto, Canada
    I ⚔️66. Dame NEBULOUSK {nebulousju, July 1, Cancer, midnite blue} Nimes, France
    I ⚔68. Dame Katt {kattkrazie, Leo, rainbow} Oklahoma, USA
    I ⚔70. Sir RivenDell (also w/#1 Epic Thuakie Broadsword) {lordelrond21, Capricorn, black} Perth, W Australia
    I ⚔71. Dame lighting {ktorewqas, July 3, Cancer, green} Toronto, Canada
    MIA ⚔️ Thuakie Sword of Fire & Ice 73. Sir DragonsLair {netwiz3, Scorpio, blue} NC, USA
    I ⚔️76. Dame Rosehill {Wallingford1st, blue}

    For more information about the Roster's new outline, click here.
    *Should any member wish to have the "+" designation, their Storm8 ID, bday, zodiac, fave color(s), &/or location added (city &/or state &/or country), or see any inaccuracies in their profile, just PM me or let me know on my wall in-game*
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    ⚔TSS⚔ -FAQs-

    Q: What is a Thuakie Sword? (What's the story behind it/How did the Thuakie Sword Society originate?)
    The Thuakie Sword first made its appearance back near the end of September '14, during the wedding reception in my queendom for Cupperbutt (fire faerie) & Mr. Purple G (purple anniversary golem). A random level 5 Castle Story player crashed the party and left the following message on my wall, "I have a Thuakie sword. Want me to drop it and say bye bye?" Nobody knew (nor still knows, lol) exactly what a Thuakie sword is. From Star Trek? A Ginsu knife wannabe? Something made up? Most likely (& possibly named as simply as Thuakian #69 Dudezville noted, "I've always assumed it is pronounced like thwack - since you know... That's what you do with it.")
    Whatever a Thuakie sword *actually* is, I had it and many wanted it. So much so, that after it survived the Great Flood named Ollie, a small mob snuck into my queendom in the dead of night, STOLE it (you know who you are!) and then hid it on an unattended queendom's wall (where I or anyone couldn't retrieve it).
    Fast forward a few weeks ... The unattended queendom saw a return of its ruler, who surprised all when she refused to return my Thuakie sword & chose instead to use it as a bread knife!
    (The sacrilege! lol)
    Binkyland then travelled to Thuan, spent weeks of abject humility serving the Great Thuan, received a Thuakie Sword forged by the Great Thuan in the Great Fires of Thuandoon, returned and gave it to me.
    THEN finally in late Oct '14, I was able to fire up my forges to make Thuakie Swords from the original for the masses, lol. The Thuakie Sword Society was formed quickly thereafter. Each member now has a unique sword &/or other weapon, forged to match his/her personality (& fave color lol).
    Sidenote: Members of that thieving mob as well as the ruler of that unattended queendom are all now Thuakians. They only succeeded in delaying the inevitable -- the formation of my very own personal ARMY! Muwahahaha! *wink*
    Aug '15 - Visitors may notice a badly damaged Original Thuakie Sword now hanging on my wall. That's because ollie came along in the dead of the night and knocked it off my wall ON PURPOSE! After I wouldn't speak to him for several days, he finally hung his head in shame, gave me some flowers, picked it up and hung it back on my wall. The turkey!
    Dec '15 - ollie also presented me with a symbolic greeting that we've used a lot with one another over the years & FINALLY became a new addition to the emoji keyboard ...a special middle finger, tattoo'd #00001. lol

    Q: Can I get a recap of the saga between Cupperbutt & Mr. Purple G?
    Sure! (Best I can remember it, lol)...
    Early Aug '14 - The Fire Faerie {*credit for naming her Cupperbutt goes to Thuakian #2, Natalien} makes her appearance during the Midsummer Pyre Festival community event.
    Late Aug '14 - Mr. Purple Golem makes his first appearance during CS's 2nd Anniversary Tournament, fighting colored beasts at the Jousting Arena.
    Late Sept '14 - After weeks of flirting with a captive Mr. Purple G, a grand wedding ceremony takes place as Cupperbutt marries her amore. A festive reception follows, where the Thuakie Sword makes its appearance.
    *Roving Reporter & Thuakian #9, ollie visits and sees my entire kingdom flooded. The reception is destroyed. Search parties are dispatched to search for the missing Cupperbutt, to no avail.
    Throughout Oct '14 - TSS Round Tables 1-3 are formed, to aid in the search.
    Nov '14 - A mysterious box is discovered by a search party but it doesn't contain Cupperbutt. She is found & returned, by a badly injured Mr. Purple G! She had been kidnapped by a mob of rabid skunkupines. Mr Purple G dies from his wounds, murdered by the mob, trying to rescue her.
    *A funeral is held for Mr. Purple G. Cupperbutt enters a deep state of mourning for months... And eventually opens an orphanage nursery for all of the baby animals in my kingdom, since she & Mr. Purple G had no babies of their own.
    July & Sept '15 - With Monster Hunt Seasons 1 & 2, the ghost of Mr. Purple G randomly appeared and then disappeared before Cupperbutt had a chance to communicate with him.
    Nov '15 - Another Monster Hunt & the ghost of Mr. Purple G appeared again. Ivy quickly arranged a seance at the Fortune Teller's Tent, so Cupperbutt could try to talk to him but attracted & gave life to a horde of zombie horses instead, lol. There was no communication with Mr. Purple G.
    Jan & April '16 - There were more random, fleeting sitings of Mr. Purple G's ghost during Monster Hunt Seasons 4 & 5 but no communication.
    Aug '16 - Fiery Mystery Boxes are left on everyone's doorstep, making it possible to summon 1 of Cupperbutt's many clones that can be seen across the CS land. My kingdom is now home to 2 Cupperbutts.
    Sept '16 - Monster Hunt Season 6 returns the ghost of Mr. Purple G (yes, technically now a polygamist, lol), who finally speaks to his 2 love-twins: "TSS's 2nd anniversary nears. It's time for some more new members. Especially men! (Altho I won't turn away more estrogen.)" lol
    With that (& a society vote), the 4th round table is opened for sign-ups.
    Aug '17 - Ivy discovers a new spell for eternal youthful cuteness & presents Cupperbutt with a new magical Nursery, giving Cupperbutt endless babies to adopt & raise.
    Coincidentally, the Baron also discovers the power to clone Cupperbutt and makes her available in his tent... Even more Cupperbutts appear across the CS lands!
    *NEW* Jan '18 - Monster Hunt Season 11... Ivy was able to take some of Mr. Purple G's special & potent glimminal fluid (glimmen) that Cupperbutt had secretly stashed away & frozen, mix it with some other secret & unknown magical glimmer bits in her Nursery's cauldron and...
    Bang! Voila!! ... BABY MR. PURPLE Gs!!! (So whoooooo is the Mama, hmm??!)
    Thuakian #68 Katt sent a DNA sample to for a full family lineage makeup.
    March '18 - The Baron intercepted Katt's mail & demanded 100 Gold Runes to return it, so we wait....

    To be continued . . .

    Q: Is there a secret symbol for us Thuakie Society members ("Thuakians") to use?
    YES, and you've already seen it before, used with the TSS name.
    Once you're inducted, it's also your pin!

    It's not emoji so you won't find it on that keyboard. Ways to create it on your regular keyboard can be found HERE, or by suggestion of TSS member Bla Bla Land, there is a free Unicode app you can download (search within it for sword) or you can simply copy/paste from the image above. It works on the forum as well as players' walls in the game.
    Dec '15 UPDATE: ⚔ is now available on the emoji keyboard!

    Q: Is it Thuakian for males and Thuakienne for females?
    No. People from Thuan (Thuanians) do not delineate based on sex, in that manner. Therefore, all carriers of a Thuakie Sword & members of the Society are simply called Thuakians.

    Q: What happens if the Thuakie Sword you gave me scrolls off my wall?
    You forfeit your TSS standing and you die! LOL, just kidding.
    The first 2 who let that happen were awarded The REAL Putz Award trophies, lol.
    Just come tell me (in-game on my wall, not here please) & I'll deliver a duplicate to you, as I have all sword molds archived in the Knights' Hall vaults.
    But please try to keep your sword displayed on your wall for other Thuakians to come see and ooh & ahh over; I don't have time to daily redeliver 80 weapons!! lol

    Q: What is the secret Thuakian handshake?
    Ohhh, now THAT is privileged information not to be posted here and will only be revealed on the walls of inducted Thuakians.
    Plus, this forum is willy-nilly about when it will allow emoji symbols to work (in posts or signatures) and when it won't so I probably couldn't even put it in this post ANYway without it just showing up as a bunch of boxes, lol.

    Q: Can I get a Thuakie sword ...and... I never got a sword! Can I have one, too?
    Thuakie Swords are only for my Castle Story neighbors, initially those who followed the Cupperbutt/Mr. Purple G saga story. Sword requests were accepted in-game on 3 separate occasions - hence, the 3 "round tables" (spanning an entire month+) and was finally closed after 50 neighbors signed up to get one. A 51st & 52nd were personally added. A fourth round table was put to a Society vote & passed, with its opening for sign-ups in Sept '16, bringing us to 80 total members.
    The 81st member was personally added in April '18.

    Q: Who is in the Thuakie Sword Society?
    See the second post of this thread, which lists all current 81 members.

    Q: Did you make the suggestion in one of the polls for the super sword to kill beasties quicker?
    LOL, no.
    When I look in my storage cellar, I see the following weapons hanging on its walls:
    * Homemade Wooden Sword
    * Meat Cleaver
    * Enchanted Blade
    * Excalibam
    * Magic Scissors
    * Day Glimmer Sword
    * Night Glimmer Sword
    * Hedge Trimmers
    * Ice Brand Sword
    * Builders Hammers
    * Golden Hammer
    * Reinforced Sword
    * Troll Clubs
    * Longswords
    * And now I have a TL-Thuakie-wannabe called the "Beastbane"
    ....BUT, I have an Original Thuakie Sword forged from the Great Fires of Thuandoon!
    No weapon gets any more super than THAT! LOL

    Q: What is a Thuakie coin (a.k.a. 2015 First Edition Thuakie Sword Coin*)?
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
Views:	205 
Size:	34.9 KB 
ID:	21785
    With the July 16, 2015 update "Monster Raid", TL introduced us to 4 new tokens: Sword, Shield, Staff, and golden Troll. With no request, notice or recompense, TeamLava/Storm8 STOLE our Thuakie symbol for use on their sword token! *shocked horror! lol*
    Then, on July 17, TL changed our in-game gifting options. They removed water, fur, iron, jewels, and silver and replaced them with wooden beam, stone block, living wood, Shield Token and Sword Token. As Grand Poobah, I reclaimed this "token" as our own, lol. Let it be known across the lands that it is no longer a simple sword token, but an EXTREMELY valuable Thuakie Coin!
    {*Credit for calling it the extended name of "2015 First Edition Thuakie Sword Coin" goes to Thuakian #30 Hooville.}

    Q: How is the Thuakie Coin spent?
    It can be redeemed in the trolls' Trade Wagon, given or received as a daily gift in the game (only for a limited time, during the duration of that Monster Mash event, which ended July 27, '15) but can also be forever used as "virtual money" for other goods, services &/or reasons elsewhere (game walls, forum posts, PMs, etc.) The coin image above is also free to all Thuakians to save/download/use.
    Spend it wisely! LOL

    Q: How would we post the Thuakie coin on walls?
    Since there isn't a single coin emoji, let's use ⚔ followed by the coin bag with the $ sign on it (post won't let me use it here, but instead just shows up as a box lol). That's right, a whole BAG of coins cuz as Thuakian #2 Natalien says, "Well. The bigger, the better, right?" LOL

    Added Sept '16:

    Q: If I were to join TSS, can I just stay a very active lurker on the forum?
    #7 of the Tao of T&T instructs all Thuakians to be mentors and to help out other CS'ers, when possible, but that can be done on the forum *or* just in the game...
    So lol, yes, you can remain a quiet forum lurker, if you prefer.

    Q: What are the TSS membership perks?
    What, a free personalized Thuakie Sword and an army of other diehard CS'ers to have your back at a moment's notice aren't enough?
    ps. No, contrary to what you may have heard from ollie, there are no monthly membership dues of $20 (or any other amount) to mail to me. You will quickly learn that our Roving Reporter mostly talks from his backside, lol!

    Q: Do new members get proper swords or plastic ones that we'd have to try awfully hard to poke one's eye out with? ...on accident, of course.
    Obviously, you have never seen a bonafide Thuakie Weapon! No plastic ever comes anywhere NEAR my forges; it would only gum them up, lol.

    Q: Could being part of this revered society endow me with CS information and an education I heretofore could only dream of?
    Absolutely! You may soon discover even *more* CS tips n tricks n such are shared in-game than you'll *ever* see on the forum. And your education of other matters will expand exponentially every time you participate in one of my random wall polls, quizzes, or questionnaires, lol.

    Q: Can I make the acquaintance of the infamously clever Oliver with his offer of a broken sword and unseemly and hysterical gesture?
    He actually goes by "ollie". But if you're in the right place at the right time? ...Possibly.

    Q: Do I need to take Fencing lessons?
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
Views:	3 
Size:	112.9 KB 
ID:	33664
    Yes, ALL Thuakians do! (Me included.)
    This is a matter for our Resident Yoda, who is now 2 years behind on setting up the schedule for our classes, lol.

    Q: When people leave the game, do we move up in the ranks?
    No ... With one pseudo-exception, maybe.
    Your member/sword number is always your number, regardless if you leave the game or not. In the event inactive members return, their number is still there for them.
    Pseudo-Exception: A member may randomly be knighted up to an Officer position by me, but it won't change their member/sword number. That type of "move up in the ranks" is solely determined by Royal Decree (aka: my whims, lol), and not by the frequency, timing or amount of members who leave the game.

    Q: Do we need a kimono?
    LOL! I sometimes wear a kimono-like dragon robe with my wooden geisha flip-flops, especially on occasions when I'm having Japanese (or even Chinese) food for dinner lol, but Thuakians can wear any kimono, robe or other special garb of their choosing whenever they like. If a tailor, seamstress or costumer joins our ranks some day, maybe s/he will design us something "official" to wear for special events. Until then, wear what you like ...or nothing at all. Makes no diff to me. LOL

    --Any future questions posed here, on my wall, or elsewhere will be added to this list.--
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    EVENTS! & Surveys / Polls / Questionnaires


    Current & Ongoing Business/Events
    ~ Fri Nov 2 (til 15th) POOBAH WALL TSS BUSINESS: Nov Roll Call
    ~ Wed Aug 22: VOTE on Table Color choice for Shield backgrounds {post 555 on pg 56}
    ~ Mon Aug 20: VOTE on Banners vs Shields {post 545 on pg 55}
    ~ Sun Aug 19: FORUM TSS BUSINESS: VOTE on b/w/g Shield backgrounds
    {posts 534-540 on pg 54}
    ~ Wed, July 11: CS Game Play Quiz for Roster Updating
    ~ Sat, May 19 TSS BUSINESS: Make Suggestions for Lingo Lexicon {post 293 on pg 30}

    Upcoming Business/Events
    ~ New Thuakian Group (Kiddie Table) Opening

    2018 Past Business/Events
    ~ Thurs Oct 4 (til 15th) POOBAH WALL TSS BUSINESS: Oct Roll Call
    ~ Sun Sept 9 (til 15th) POOBAH WALL TSS BUSINESS: Sept Roll Call
    ~ Thurs Aug 2 (til 15th) POOBAH WALL TSS BUSINESS: Aug Roll Call
    ~ Thurs, July 26: New & Improved Roster! {Outline details in post 494 on pg 50}
    VOTE on Banner images! {posts 496-500 on pg 50}
    ~ Thurs, July 26: TSS BUSINESS: Welcoming Committee for 5 new TA-TA Appointments
    {post 495 on pg 50}
    ~ Thurs July 12 to Sun July 15 POOBAH WALL TSS BUSINESS: Tie-breaker Run-Off Ballots
    ~ Sun July 1 (til 15th) POOBAH WALL TSS BUSINESS: July Roll Call
    ~ Wed, June 27 to Wed, July 11 FORUM TSS BUSINESS:
    Voting Poll for Tables' Banners/Names/Orders {pg 45, post 441}
    ~ Tues, June 12 to Tues, June 26 TSS BUSINESS: Make Suggestions for your Round Table's
    Banner/Name/Order and Banners/Orders for the Banquet & Kiddie Tables.
    {pg 39, post 390 & pg 40, post 392}
    ~ Sat, June 9, 12pm-?? WALL TSS EVENT: Hooville's Belmont Stakes Triple Crown Party
    {Details: pg 36, posts 354 & 359}
    ~ Fri, June 1 (til 15th) WALL TSS BUSINESS: June Roll Call
    ~ Monday, May 28, Noon-Midnite FORUM/WALL EVENT: Wildwood's Memorial Day Potluck BBQ
    {Details: post 263 on pg 27 & post 331 on pg 34}
    ~ Sat, May 26 - Sun, May 27 WALL EVENT: Sophiaville's Son's Graduation Party
    {Details: post 290 on pg 29}
    ~ Sat, May 26 - Sun, May 27 WALL EVENT: Hooville's Son's (Surprise) Graduation Party
    {Details via in-game visit post}
    ~ Thurs, May 10 - Fri, May 18 WALL EVENT: Sunny's 1 million XP Celebration
    {Details: post 266 on pg 27}
    ~ Sat, May 5 WALL EVENT: Lorraine's Cinco de Mayo Tacos & Margaritas Party
    {Details: post 238 on pg 24}
    ~ Fri, May 4 FORUM/WALL/PM TSS BUSINESS: ⚔️Poll Voting Results & Future of TSS⚔️
    (Megapost!) {post 227 on pg 23}
    ~ Tues, April 17 FORUM/WALL/PM TSS BUSINESS: What to do about TSS Poll
    {post 193 on pg 20}
    ~ Fri, April 6 FORUM/WALL TSS BUSINESS: Call To Action Announcements
    (1. Tao additions. 2 & 3. Welcoming Committee called for new Thuakian, Chief Beef & new Officers, bingo & Lorrianne.) {post 177 on pg 18}

    Older Past Business/Events
    To be filled in soon...

    Similar to the Get-2-Know-U Game posted below this one, except not with daily Q's.
    Random Q's randomly posted on my wall throughout the summer.
    There's a 1-2 post limit on my wall (so my sword doesn't scroll off, lol) but here, you have unlimited response-space. Use any descriptions, etc. which fit each day's inquiry in a way that you are comfortable sharing.

    1️⃣: Name the most awkward or uncomfortable place you've had s#x.
    {Credit: MzD.Meaner}

    2️⃣: What's your favorite vacation? Where would you buy a vaca home if you could?
    {Credits: Hamalot & LGCastlelrry}

    3️⃣: A) How many (USA) states have you visited? B) If you could go anywhere in the world...where?
    {Credits: Lorrainne & Nelson}

    ⤵️ "holiday" to Brits like whaddonia means "vacation" but to me, it means a calendar HOLIDAY, lol. Pick whichever it means to you. 
    4️⃣: Best holiday/worst holiday?
    {Credit: whaddonia}

    ⤵️ Q's on the list asked now cuz of a recent chat w/Alaskaland about her mom's pet organ grinder monkey who wore clothes & a hat. lol
    5️⃣: A) Most interesting animal you've owned? B) If you could have any zoo animal as a pet, what would it be?
    {Credit: kiro kingdom}

    6️⃣: A) Most interesting pet name? (NW added: or silliest/funniest) B) If you had to name your pet after the last thing you ate, what would s/he be called?
    {Credits: kiro kingdom & Lucky Lu}

    7️⃣: Most pets you've ever owned at the same time?
    {Credit: kiro kingdom}

    8️⃣: Favorite band?
    {Credit: Nelson}

    9️⃣: If your life had a theme song, what would it be (currently) & what do you WISH it was?
    {Credit: Ashville}

    1️⃣0️⃣: What was your wedding song & if not married, what song do you plan to use?
    {Credit: Ashville}

    1️⃣1️⃣: A) Worst fears? B) What makes you laugh?
    {Credits: Hamalot & Alaskaland}

    1️⃣2️⃣: A) Fave candy? B) Fave foods? (then PM recipes if requested)
    {Credits: Nelson & Nessa}

    1️⃣3️⃣: What kind of foods/drinks do you serve your spouses when they are in certain moods?
    {Credit: Russia}

    Get-2-Know-U Game (from September 2015)
    Each day (for 30 days), there was a new (*clapboard*) to answer on my wall:

    9/1 ~ Describe your physical self in 3-5 words. (Be honest! lol)

    9/2 ~ In 1 wall post, describe yourself OTHER than physically.
    (Go ahead... Toot your own horn! lol)

    9/3 ~ Where are you originally from & where do you live now?

    9/4 ~ What is your heritage?

    ⤵️ If you're one who uses the other gender's avatar ... Why?
    9/5 ~ Silly but... Are you male, female, both or neither? lol
    (Inspired by nbrs who use the opposite gender avatar  lol)

    ⤵️ It's no biggee if that's TMI & I understand if you don't wanna share *any* of your initials. 
    9/6 ~ The 1st letter of your RL 1st name (or) Using your initials in order, can u make a word? (Vowels may be inserted to help out)

    ⤵️ 9/7 ➕ ~ What was your very first *paycheck-earning* job & at least 1 (funny?) odd job since joining the work force?
    9/7 Labor Day ~ Share your main profession(s) &/or industry. Retired?

    9/8 ~ Have any nicknames? (Childhood to present)

    9/9 ~ How long have you been (& why did you start) playing Castle Story?

    9/10 ~ What inspired (or how did you come up with) your kingdom/queendom name? How many 'doms do you have?

    9/11 ~ Where were you on 9/11/01 & how'd you hear the news?

    9/12 ~ Which emoji best describes you?
    {Credit: "booger head" Ollie, the "Turd"}

    9/13 ~ Today is  National Grandparents Day!  (who knew, lol) Have any grandkids? Still have living grandparents?

    9/14 ~ Shoulda asked this 1 yest instead of ANYthing re. kids, jeez. But since I'm now evil, it fits, lol... Have any superstitions?

    9/15 ~ What color/type vehicle(s) do you own/drive?
    What was your 1st vehicle? Do you name 'em?

    9/16 ~  Do you wear prescription glasses or other eyewear?

    9/17 ~ Have any siblings? If so, where do you fall in the "line-up"?

    9/18 ~ Are you a cat or dog "person"?
    (Or maybe both, neither or other? lol) Current pets?

    9/19 ~ ☠ Aarrrrr, matey! Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day!! ☠
     ~ Your college alma mater & MASCOT? Major &/or degree?

    9/20 ~ Favourite book, film, singer? 
    {Credit: whaddonia ... A Brit & that's how they spell 'favorite', lol}

    9/21 ~ In one post, share some of your hobbies *other* than CS & gaming (even if some hobbies you list were before CS, lol).

    9/22 ~ If you were an animal, what would you be & why?
    {Credit: my lil Cajun cupcake, Ashville}

    9/23 ~ Happy Autumn or Spring Equinox (depending on hemisphere)‼️ What are your yearly top favorite: 1) season & 2) holiday & why?

    9/24 ~ Do you have any collections? (Hoard anything? lol)

    9/25 ~ If they made a movie about your life, who would you cast as yourself & why?
    {Credit: my bijou beignet, Ashville}

    9/26 ~ List your top 3 current "must see"  shows.

    9/27 ~ What are you wearing RIGHT NOW? (Be specific & honest)
    {Credit: My jazzy jambalaya, Ashville}

    9/28 ~ Describe (but don't name) 1 item in your medicine cabinet. Maybe I'll try to guess it, lol.

    9/29 ~ Describe (but don't name) 1 item in your nightstand drawer. Maybe I'll try to guess it, lol.

    ⤵️ 9/30 ➕ ~ Dressing up this year?
    9/30 ~ Have plans for Halloween? Fave costume/character to be?
    {Credit: Gibson}
    Last edited by NorthWoodsKingdom; 11-02-18 at 12:16 PM. Reason: Updating Calendar

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