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Thread: Organizing Your Castle

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    Quote Originally Posted by vednir View Post
    There's not enough room on the map to organize your buildings to make them "pretty" unless you're willing to give up some degree of safety (gem traps) and convenience. If you're decorating you're sacrificing some amount of practicality (grouping to allow for easier collection/management of resources), speed (store unnecessary coin buildings with long collection times: cathedrals, marketplaces, etc.), safety (do not put your alicorns next to something you always click or sooner or later you'll eat a gem trap).

    Also certain combinations of buildings look good but once you see where you have to tap to collect from them you come to realize you've just built a gem trap for yourself so you're forced to reorganize things accordingly.
    I rarely have problems with gem traps. Occasionally I'll accidentally click, but generally I'm fine. I think putting down paths makes gem traps less likely, because it puts reasonable distance between buildings. Also, it's easier to find buildings in my kingdom that way for me. Everyone who's posted has organized the buildings in a practical way for themselves. I'm always reorganizing my kingdom based on what I need out at the time.

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    Well, it is sometimes tricky to have all plots accessible.I occasionally collect from libraries by mistake because they are too close.But, I like my Royal Points and am 'only' in the 6000.. It is, as somebody else said, a matter of personality, unless you work for TeamLava this should be rec time. So go and find your balance of easy harvesting, space, displaying nice things and amassing royal points. It would be easier if space was more easy to come by, but then that is part of the

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    I have always wanted to post my kingdom, but never found ( in the hub or other threads) how to get your entire kingdom in a shot. I can't zoom out that far. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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    When I visit my nbrs, I have my iPad in portrait position to be able to zoom out & see more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by labsandboxers View Post
    I have always wanted to post my kingdom, but never found ( in the hub or other threads) how to get your entire kingdom in a shot. I can't zoom out that far. Help would be greatly appreciated.
    I think these photos are probably photoshopped together... But it would be neat to zoom right out to see it all.

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    echowuuu ~ Nice layout. How did you get TWO goddess trees???

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    I'm constantly tweaking my kingdom layout too, since I hate it feeling crowded. I also have quadrants, partly based on function and ease (like all the crafting buildings are in the same area), but also color schemes as well. All the fairy related things are in one square along with Ivy, Sabrina, the theatre tent and such. Less interesting, but functional buildings get tucked behind trees or other buildings. I do have a fair amount of stuff in storage and yes, it does slow me down in quests sometimes but i like the aesthetics! Reminding me to go pull a few things out of storage before today's part 2 of the Christmas time quest.
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    Ooooh I love to do that. A good lookin castle makes me happy. Hihihihi Here is my new Christmas park where everybody in my place can go for a nice walk in the snow.
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    I love your lay out.

    Quote Originally Posted by zenobia42 View Post
    Like Shibuya, my little city has "quarters" as I call them, too.

    The bottom right is obviously the farm quarter. The far right is the Manufacturing quarter with all my crafting buildings. The part the juts out the bottom left is my Park with tons of trees and conservatories. Connected to that, in the center of my city, is the Faerie Quarter. The sun tile paths through the faerie quarter, unlike the other city-block like ones, meander about and are conducive to getting lost lol. Top right is my new Spooky Quarter which I am SO happy to have. Between the park and the farm is the Troll Quarter. And top left is the financial district - all my coin-generating buildings. I put the jousting arena next to the Troll Quarter since they enjoy a good joust too. And it is an essential part of all the designs I've had that paths connect all buildings and all parts of the city. And walls helping to define the limits of the quarters. I also have a gate into the troll quarter from the woods for Kaz slip home some day without having to parade through the rest of town. And I try to keep at least one of every building type out at all times. I don't collect from my market, so if a quest pops up for me to, I don't have to dig it out of storage and wait 22 hours.

    I LOVE decorating my queendom - it's one of my favorite aspects of the game. And I tend to completely redecorate the entire thing about once a month.

    Love this thread and hope to see more interesting parks and design philosophies!

    ETA: Oops - I cut off the top of my castle! Well, I'm sure you all get the idea anyway.
    I would love to look at it bigger. Want to be neighbors? Tattudefairyalso

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