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Thread: Battleground 5: Thorilla - 2014 Oct 31

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    Finally beat the bamboon with Pegsus

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    Quote Originally Posted by zenobia42 View Post
    I had a lot of trouble with that one, too. Took many tries. In the end, I leveled my unicorn to 11 and that did it.
    I don't have unicorn, Lightning just got a critical, finally.

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    Does anyone have a list of the opponents past round 50? I just finished off 50 myself, and while I can obviously just continue blindly, I hate when my list of animals I used to win includes sucky animals that just got really lucky - that makes my list much less useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHINeeFan23 View Post
    RD. 41) Falconch < Ancient Sloth ~*Earth Element*
    RD. 42) Rockadile < Ancient Sloth ~*Nature Element*
    RD. 43) Volcamel < Werewolf ~*Earth Element*
    RD. 44) Jackalope < Falconch ~*Water Element*
    RD. 45) Sea Horse< Werewolf ~*Nature Element*
    RD. 46) Lightning Leopard < Werewolf ~*Earth Element*
    RD. 47) Peamoth < Pyro Pony
    RD. 48) Bamboon < Werewolf ~*Nature Element*
    RD. 49) Terrorier < Werewolf ~*Earth Element*
    RD. 50) Owl Bear **Boss Battle** < Terrorier, Vinotaur
    RD. 51) Koala Cadabra < Sea Horse (wrong animal but won anyways)
    RD. 52) Thunder Mammoth < Grassquatch
    RD. 53) Grassquatch < Ancient Sloth ~*Nature Element*
    RD. 54) Onyx Ox < Ancient Sloth ~*Earth Element*
    RD. 55) Scarecrow < Ancient Sloth ~*Nature Element*
    RD. 56) Frostfang < Skyger
    RD. 57) Spruce Moose < Vinotaur ~*Nature Element*
    RD. 58) Aurora Pegasus< Vinotaur ~*Fire Element*
    RD. 59) Zapra < Ancient Sloth ~*Earth Element*
    RD. 60) Skeletal Dragon **BOSS** < Iciclaw & Rockodile
    RD. 61) Daredevil < Werewolf ~*Earth Element*
    RD. 62) Eagle Beagle < Eagle Beagle ~*Nature-Lightning Element*
    RD. 63) Nightmare < Werewolf ~*Earth Element*
    RD. 64) Gold Lion < Thunder Mammoth ~*Earth Element*
    RD. 65) Vampire Cat < Rockodile ~*Both Elements*
    RD. 66) Conducktor < Thunder Mammoth ~*Both Elements*
    RD. 67) Aquatter < Conducktor ~*Lightning Element*
    RD. 68) Glacial Griffin < Ancient Sloth ~*Nature Element*
    RD. 69) Twilight Troll < Vinotaur ~*Fire Element* 2nd or 3rd try lol
    RD. 70) Unknown **Boss** < Falconch, Eagle Beagle (oops lol)
    RD. 71) Shock Fox < Ancient Sloth ~*Nature Element*
    RD. 72) Magmacore < Ancient Sloth ~*Earth Element*
    RD. 73) Hydro Yak < Ancient Sloth ~*Earth Element*
    RD. 74) Ancient Sloth < Terrorier ~*Dark Element*
    RD. 75) Emerald Dragon < Vinotaur ~*Fire Element*
    RD. 76) Terrorier < Ancient Sloth ~*Earth Element*
    RD. 77) Yak-o-Lantern < Sea Horse ~*Water Element*
    RD. 78) Steamtrunk < Falconch ~*Lightning Element x2, Water Element*
    RD. 79) Crystal Unicorn < Scarecrow ~*Dark Element*
    RD. 80) Thorilla **BOSS** < Grassquatch ~*Both* (barely put a dent in)..Sloth,Werewolf ~*Earth Element* *Nature*etc, etc...

    Finally won. Good luck!!
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    Thanks, SHINeeFan23!

    I will update the OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHINeeFan23 View Post
    Even if the max is 2 it will still show up like 3/2 like on the last battlegrounds. Not sure why we aren't getting that extra one
    That's what I thought too. But I read something in the terroir battleground thread that said they updated the game and it didn't show it like that anymore??? It used to show it like your talking about but now I have beaten the 3rd boss and haven't gotten that 3rd energy. Sucks it's happening but I'm glad it's not just me.

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    Zenobia42 - I cannot thank you enough for your lists. They are what makes this game fun! I do not like blindly pounding away at opponents.


    I know it is a lot of work, but it is greatly appreciated.

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    Round 55 is Dark/Earth. Looks like a Scarecrow.
    Round 56 is Water. Frostfang
    Round 57 is Dark/Nature. Looks like a Spruce Moose
    Round 58 is Dark/Nature. Aurora Pegasus
    Round 59 is Electric/Dark. Zapra
    Round 60 is Earth/Fire BOSS. Looks like the Skeletal Dragon
    Round 61 is Electric/Fire. Fire Glider
    Round 62 is Electric/Nature. Eagle Beagle
    Round 63 is Dark/Fire. Nightmare
    Round 64 is Electric/Fire. Gold Lion
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    I just received an email from Team Lava about the issue with the Stamina reward only leveling up to 2. They are aware of the problem and they are working on it. I hope it that it isn't a common issue. I plan on entering any battles with a Stamina reward with only one stamina to minimize the impact for now.

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    Round 65 is Earth/Fire. Vampire Cat

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